Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mid September Report

This month is racing by even faster than last month, at least for me--tell me I'm not alone in feeling that way!  First, my sister in law Laura received her quilt in the mail and called me right away to thank me.  She had seen it person in flimsy stage, and only in pictures after, since I entered in the County Fair.   I love to have the new owners of my quilts smiling with their gift!  So pleased she loves it.

I'm still working on the 40 bags in 40 days idea and have gotten a few areas straightened away.  At least 12 bags went out the door to the charity shop one day, I've sorted a lot of mail, recycled magazines, folded and reorganized linens, and made lists of areas to tackle next with specific plans.  I've bought bins and slide out shelves and cleaned out the fridge.  If you like organizing, or need ideas, a fave blog of mine is IHeart Organizing.  Lots of DIY and simple wish-I'd-thought-of-that budget-easy ideas.  One of her ideas I lifted was bins for the fridge to hold like items.  I found some very inexpensive plastic bins with handles at Big Lots and have now corralled the yogurt/cottage cheese snacks into one, and put small leftovers in another--you know, those orts in plastic sandwich bags that get lost behind the eggs and go bad.  Isn't it great the ideas you can get from others? I'll share an idea my sister found novel, and one my mother introduced.

My sister said she had never thought of doing this, which I have done for years.  I cut through the packaged ground beef in the tray before browning for tacos, etc, just to help break it up more easily in the pan.

I often forget to, but my mom always does this to chip bags when the contents are low--cut the top the bag down.  A simple thing but one my brain had not thought of.  Another kitchen hint: I buy a stack or two of plain white, very cheap washcloths every year and keep them in my dishtowel drawer. When cleaning messes that are truly grimy and/or disgusting (cat gack, anyone?), I simply throw out the washcloth with the mess.  Having on hand a box of cheap disposable gloves for such messes is handy too.  And now, back to sewing.

This morning I finished up this set of placemats for my daughter's friend who is moving away for her senior year of college.  Simple wavy line quilting and machine binding.  I've had this poppy fabric for about 10 years but the green mottled fabric is from JoAnn's.

They are two-sided.  I used a green bottom thread when sewing down the binding.  Meanwhile, the Winding Ways project is continuing.  Some quilt MATH blew up in my face and I underestimated how much fabric I needed.  But it isn't a hardship for me to pick out more at the quilt shop :)

Lucy the cat has been keeping me company while I sew.  Her favorite spot is next to my floor lamp.  The addition of a plastic bag has made her heart go pitter pat.
She's been either in or on the sack for the past week!


Shay said...

Laura looks thrilled to be the recipient of a lovely Annie original! That really is such a beautiful creation.

I love some of your organising tips- I like to think Im pretty organised – but love the idea of corralling smaller items in the fridge into Tupperware. Genius!

Ive noticed that our furry friends can take pleasure in the simplest of things. We really need to take a leaf out of their book . One of mine loves nothing better than chasing a ball of aluminium foil round the house.

Janet O. said...

A fun post, Annie. Your SIL looks very happy with her quilt--who wouldn't love it?
Lots of practical tips. I will definitely be implementing a few!
The placemats look like a nice gift. Why don't I think of making things like that? : )

Stephanie said...

So if Lucy stays in the bag then you aren't "letting the cat out of the bag?" That was bad but the first thing that came to mind. So heartwarming to see a happy recipient cuddling her quilt. Great place mats too. Happy Kidney Services is coming on Friday to p/u. We have bags and boxes to offload.

Tanya said...

I love your sister-in-law's quilt. It looks simple to make (from a quilter's viewpoint) but eye catching enough to be stunning. What was the original pattern name? I'm thinking I need to make a simple quilt for someone...

Lucy in the bag is a real cutie!

Sarah said...

I haven't tried the forty bags in forty days, but we just moved house and cleaned out so much. In the past seven weeks we've settled on a house, renovated half of it, moved, cleaned up a rental. So much junk was thrown out, but we still seem to have so much! I really like the quilt you made for your sister in law and she seems to love it so that's the main thing.