Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Round Up

I thought September went fast, but October passed by in a blur as well, though plenty of events occurred.  DD Erica went to London, Paris, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  No sooner was she home than DD Elaine and family went to Puerto Vallarta.  Grandson Cove was a champion traveler, his parents reported.  He turned 8 months on the day they returned. All had a wonderful time, thankfully. 
Cove studying the Airline Safety Card
My sewing room has not seen nearly enough action this month, nor has my blog.  One more year without my finishing the Witches quilt or a Halloween wallhanging, both of which are still neatly folded on the Hoosier cabinet.  I'm still working on the Winding Ways quilt but it is very slow going.  I did spend time with a box of pieces last week, pinning segments, in a waiting room while DD Erica had a surgical procedure.  I also put some  "big" stitches in the Pink Lemonade quilt, which is still not done.  Erica didn't need much nursing when we got home, but still I couldn't seem to settle to the machine.  I had to ask for another month to get Winding Ways completed, and hope that is enough.  Sheesh.

Halloween week snuck up on us as well.  The decorating was haphazard at best but there was some done! 

The owls are felt coasters from Target last year.  The skull light has some great flickering bulbs.  (No idea where to get replacements for them when they finally burn out!)

Erica and her best friend obliged at the last minute on Halloween with cobweb duty.  (Pay no attention to that silly man in the doorway).  We had more trick-or-treaters this year than last--its always iffy when the holiday falls on a Friday, in my opinion, as it seems more people hold parties instead of going out.  Grant resorted to handfuls of candy in the last hour when things slowed.  It was all over by about 8:30.  Our first trick-or-treater of the night was our grandson.  His mom and a best friend plotted for a year the babies' first Halloween costume and revealed their secret only on October 31st.  It did not disappoint:

In the hat, Cove was Wayne, from Wayne's World, and friend Jude was Garth.  Party On, Excellent!    Southern California got a treat Halloween night as well, a drenching storm, with some showers overnight and the next morning.  Our rainy season starts October 1, so it feels a good omen that the month did end with measurable rain!

Cove spent today with Mimi and Papa today while his parents celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary.  He's crawling, standing, jumping, babbling, and rarely still.  Which explains the short naps.  We loved every minute, of course, he is such a sweetie.  November is filling up with events and the holidays will be here before we know it, so it was nice to savor a Sunday with Cove.  My goal for the coming week is to get in some sewing time every morning, even if it is only a segment or two, then continue that after dinner.  Fingers crossed!


Janet O. said...

Cute, cute photos of Cove (and friend).
Your Halloween decor is very effective, Annie. Did any spiders make themselves at home on your porch? : )

Lorraine said...

Not sure where October about a blur!! Haphazard or not, your Halloween decorating was effective - and those two cuties look fantastic in their costumes!! Can't believe it is almost two years since we spent the day together in your fab city!! Feels like just yesterday :)

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh that is the CUTEST baby Halloween photo. I hope you can find time to sew fun-ness just for you!

Shay said...

Cove is starting to get the travel bug early. The folks in your house seem to have been having a great time with their trips.

Winding Ways will get there – Im confident you can knock it off in a month. Sometimes life just gets in the way of sewing (or as usually happens in my case – I lack the motivation to finish things !)

LOVE your front door decorations and Cove looks absolutely darling in his Halloween get up.

CANNOT believe Christmas is next month - Hello! Were did 2014 go?

Barb said...

What cuties you have there!!!

Kate said...

Great costumes for Cove and his buddy! Hope you were able to get in some more sewing time this week.