Monday, November 24, 2014

Design Wall Monday

On and off the Design surface are the Winding Ways blocks.  Due to some recent time sitting in doctor's waiting rooms, I was able to pin a bunch more pieces.  These curvy blocks require a lot of pinning, which of course adds to the total time it takes to make a 12 piece block.  But after some dedicated hours I have a pile of finished blocks:  

All 36 copper blocks are complete, and join the 6 cream blocks already sewn, and the 9 combined teal and copper blocks for my planned layout.  I have 30 cream blocks to make before assembly can happen but I'm feeling that downhill slope!  Feeling virtuous, I allowed myself to start a new project.  Well, this is two year old idea that I've wanted to make. 

This is a picture of the finished mini quilt I made in 2012.  I bought this as a kit at Helen's Hen House Quilt Shop in Florissant, MO (the website now shows a new name and location for the shop), which I made and gave away in 2012.  I always meant to make one for myself, and was reminded of this during my scrap drawer organization a couple of months ago, when I found some leftovers from the kit. 
Most of the browns in my new Turkey came from a bargain-priced scrap bag I bought at Helen's Hen House. I had fun digging through my nicely sorted 2.5" and 3.5" scrap drawers for additional prints and background selections. 
Poorly lighted shot of the quilted sandwich. I changed the kit layout to add a plain row to the right of the tailfeathers. 
This fat quarter for the backing also came from Helen's Hen House.  I used a couple of leftover triangle-squares for corner hangers and will bind this with a Jo Morton print.  I had a really fun time putting this together and plan to get the binding on tout suite.  

Thanksgiving is rushing up fast and there's a lot to do in the next few days, as we will host as usual and I've just learned of three more guests coming, making our total 22.  I've taken Wednesday off but this dear little grandson will be spending it with me, as his daycare is closed that day: 

Silly face, Cove, waiting for more snacks, please, at his last visit. He's getting close to 9 months old and already trying to stand alone for a few seconds, I hear.  Four teeth now, and as active as can be.  I doubt much holiday prep will happen Wednesday, but can't wait to have a Mimi day again!

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Nicole said...

Love your little turkey mat! How perfect that background fabric is. I made a Winding Ways quilt once, and gave it away as a gift recently. I need to make another one I think!

Sherrill said...

The turkey is great and love the back fabric as well. I made the cutest paper-pieced turkey hot pad several years ago and ruined him a couple of years ago in the wash. Sure would like to find that pattern someday as he was adorable!! Have a happy Thanksgiving with all, especially that cute little Cove.

Janet O. said...

Love the turkey--especially your more colorful "take two".
What a great backing fabric. I can see that I need to pin this for future reference!
Cove just keeps getting cuter! : )

Patrica said...

Your curved piecing project is looking fantastic you know I love the color scheme. Cove is really growing up fast and my grand daughter Eve is right behind at 5 months. I can't believe how quickly the time goes. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Oh that turkey and the backing fabric is perfect! Seasonal quilts add so much fun to our homes during the holidays

Shay said...

Your turkey creation is adorable Annie. Love the backing fabric too.

That grandson of yours just gets cuter every time you show him off. Keep those pictures coming Mimi!!!

Marg said...

I think I like your latest turkey scrap version even more than the adorable original. Perfect backing fabric too.
Love your winding ways blocks and Cove is growing up so fast, I'm sure you will have a lovely time on Wednesday.

Julie Kaye from KS said...

Love your turkey! And Cove of course. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kate said...

Your Winding Ways blocks are looking good. Love the turkey, such a fun wall hanging.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Joyful Quilter said...

I really like your Winding Ways blocks - can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Your turkey quilt is adorable...

...and so is Cove!

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Ramona said...

Your turkey is adorable! Great idea adding the extra row of background squares next to the tail feathers. Love the backing fabric! Enjoy the day with your grandson.

Mary said...

Your turkey mat is wonderful. I'm glad you took time to make one for yourself. Cove is such a treasure. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Stephanie said...

I have a turkey in a quilt that still had no legs. They were to be embroidered, wish I thought to do HSTs! I fear I shall always have a leg-less turkey. Love your turkey second to the adorable Cove! Happy Thanksgiving.