Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday's Orts

It has been quite a while since the last edition of Tuesday's Orts, where I share bits and pieces of thoughts and happenings.

  • Cove is now 11 months old, has had his first haircut, cut another tooth for a total of 5, and decided two Mondays ago to just start walking.  His father said, "Not walking, 1:00 pm.  Walking, 1:05 pm".  
    Here he is watching Papa play guitar last Sunday. Cove also got to bang on the piano for the first time, which he really enjoyed. So glad they live close by so we can see them often.  Hard to believe he is mere weeks from being a one year old.  Babies do grow so fast!
  • Since getting all the blocks finished for Winding Ways, I've been working on another overdue project, a baby quilt for my daughter's friend.  

Just before bedtime the other night I got this close to finishing the last seam of ten strip sets before running out of bobbin thread.  Doh! 
  • Time flies when I play with Pinterest on my desktop, so I haven't downloaded the app to my phone--I'm afraid I'd waste even more time with it there!  I did copy a pinned idea for a holiday display for my winter decor.   
 My votives aren't silvered like theirs, but the pinecones are sugared and sparkly. I like it.

 Poinsettias are still in bloom in my backyard so I left my runner on display with the pinecones.
  • Traffic rant:  People who pause their cars before going up a steep, curved freeway onramp, as if they are riding horseback and have to let their mount gather its strength to climb a hill.  You're driving with hundreds of horsepower, people!  Get on with it!
  • I saw a license plate frame today that said, "I'm still hot.  It just comes in flashes now".


Mary said...

It's amazing how quickly bobbins run out of thread!

Stephanie D said...

He's adorable! Love those little shoes.

Vivian said...

Hard to believe that Cove's first BDay is this close. He's a cutie! We have a photo of my DH helping our grandddaughter strum a couple chords on his guitar--those are definitely Kodak moments.
I've missed your traffic rants--always right on the money.

Janet O. said...

Such a cute photo of Cove. : )
I really like the votive display. Gives such a cozy glow.
It is maddening to me when I run out of a bobbin and realize I don't have anymore bobbins of the right color. It is such a pain to wind a bobbin in the middle of a project. Those are the moments I wish I had a bobbin winder!
Love the license plate frame.

Patrica said...

Cove is growing so fast it's just amazing isn't it? As for the bobbin thing, I once chain pieced about fourteen sets very merrily before realizing that I had no bobbin thread whatsoever! Doh, indeed!

Stephanie said...

Cove on the go! Life will definitely be more interesting. He's adorable and looks as if he's dancing. That is a really pretty pinecone display.

Shay said...

That year has flown by! Cant believe Cove is about to have his first birthday (and by the way I dont think you have to worry about his gross motor skills – walking at 11 months is pretty darn good!)

Love the decorating idea. I wish I had the style to put something like this together. I really like the way you do seasonal decorating.

Kate said...

Hard to believe that Cole is almost 1. They do grow so fast.

Love your pine cone display. Hope you can get in some more stitching time this week.

Sarah said...

Cove is adorable! Was he dancing to Grandpa's music? He's never seemed a baby for long though, all that hair and being so advanced with his moving and walking.