Sunday, March 22, 2015

National Quilting Day

What I did:
Crawled around on the floor a lot measuring and cutting the Minky backing and batting for the Winding Ways top. I went to five local stores this past week looking for quilt basting spray but finally found some. I enlisted my sister's help for the chore. 

She swept off my back patio while I gathered my prepared top, batting and backing. Naturally, the wind picked up just as we started laying out the backing and she sprayed the can. Sticky and with sore knees, we celebrated our success. 
It took the two of us about half an hour to get the three layers assembled. I'm guessing that it would have taken me about 2.5 hours to layout and pin baste by myself. And now I don't have to take out any pins while I wrestle this large throw through my small sewing machine!

I also quilted a tablerunner that's been ready for months. I promised this to my dad for his birthday--in October--oy!
Some very casual and imperfect peaks and valleys. I've got the binding stitched down and ready to turn to the back. As usual, I'll machine sew the whole thing. 

Today I'll start quilting the Winding Ways quilt--about an inch or so inside each of the 80 circles with cream thread. Excited to finally get to the finishing steps.  My client has been very patient and I'm eager to get this job to completion. 

What did you do on National Quilting Day?


Joyful Quilter said...

My knees are having sympathy pains. Keep us informed on using the basting spray on such a large quilt.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Love that pop of color on the winding ways quilt. I have never tried the spray basting. I have a table that stands tall that I use if the quilt is not too big. Sometimes the dining room table. But, then my back ends up hurting. I guess basting the quilt is not one of my favorite steps in quilting.

Lorraine said...

Always nice to have some help with wrangling quilt tops into submission! I gave up on housework yesterday and sewed...funnily enough said housework is still there to be done...but I am going to my paid job today.

dortha said...

The winding ways top is just lovely. I look forward to seeing it enhanced with quilting.

Janet O. said...

Well, you certainly made the most of it! Exciting to be getting some projects wrapped up, I'm sure--especially the big one. I haven't known that feeling for a LONG time! *LOL*
National Quilting Day? When was that? Haven't touched any stitching for a few days! : )

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You found the perfect way to observe National Quilting Day; it's all good!

Stephanie said...

Help is always nice. It's gorgeous!!!

Michelle said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! I'm due for some crawling around on the floor and pin-basting myself, but I keep putting it off.