Monday, March 30, 2015


The Winding Ways quilt has reached final stages at long last. Over the weekend I got all of the quilting completed. 
A hunt for the proper sized circle ended with this charger from the craft store. I used a water soluble pen, which I've never done before. I read some online reviews and although some people said they had problems with the pens running dry after 5 minutes, mine lasted for the whole quilt. 
I've copied the APQ magazine cover quilt's use of simple circles--great way to avoid all those thick seam intersections. 
The Minky backing shows the quilting nicely.  I've removed the marking pen from about half the quilt top, and have a lot of threads to bury, but am pleased with the way it turned out. Binding and a label and this commission is done!

And now, some baby spam:
After bath hair :) 


Janet O. said...

That is a good way to quilt that and avoid the seams. Must feel good to have that quilt finished. Do commissioned quilts weigh heavily on you until they are done?
LOVE Cove's picture. SO cute!

Mary said...

Love the quilting and the "spam." :-)

Barb said...

what a cutie! your quilting looks great

Kate said...

Winding Ways looks great!

Love the Cove photo, after bath hair indeed!