Friday, August 14, 2015

Checking off an Obligation

A few months ago, my husband's friend, a woodworker, helped me out by fixing the broken rails on the bottom drawer of my stash chest, and cutting the legs off a folding table.  I offered my sewing skills as a trade.  He requested a pillow cover for a well-used pillow his mom made him years ago. It took some time before said pillow made it to the house, but then I dragged my feet on the project due to so many others that jumped ahead in line ( a common problem around here!).  I knew what colors and sort of what design I wanted to do--finally last weekend it got done. 

 Here's the original pillow, splitting and worn out.  I wanted to use a simple design but not make it too traditional.  I decided on a quilt as you go method for the pillow top and drew out a plan. 

 Since the pillow was not large (finished size cover is 14"), I was able to use leftovers and scraps to construct my modified log cabin-style layout. 

 Pretty easy to stitch and press, adding the next sections. 

The directional print I used for the outer round required close attention, but went on without a hitch.  

I used the same instructions for the construction of the back and the binding as I used for the Moda Bakeshop Scattered Squares pillow that is currently at our County Fair.  This well-aged pine needle print from stash was a good match for the front, I think.

 Even with the extra step of making and applying the binding, this pillow was done in a couple of  hours.  My husband will be delivering it next week, hopefully, but meanwhile I'm letting it decorate a living room chair :) 

This vintage but somewhat distressed folding table now is breakfast tray height, as requested, neatly cut down despite its tapered and angled legs.  That's what an experienced woodworker knows how to do!  Sometimes I like to stand rather than sit and work on things, and having the work surface even higher than tabletop is useful.  Obligation checked off.  I hope our friend likes his made over pillow!


Mary said...

Great job on the pillow. I know your friend will be pleased.

Tanya said...

Great new look for a beloved cushion!

Kate said...

Sounds like a fair trade. The spiffed up pillow looks great.