Monday, August 17, 2015

Design Wall Monday--High Cotton, Cove, and KonMari

Back on my design surface after too long of a hiatus are blocks for my High Cotton quilt, from Kim Diehl's Simple Comforts--12 Cozy Lap Quilts.  This quilt is available as an e-pattern HERE, I just learned on a Google search.

I had a heck of a time getting the 4 patches in correct orientation at first and had to rip a couple of times for the same mistake--that always seems to happen when I leave a project too long.  I've got several more sets of block parts cut and some fabric choices ready to go for more cutting.

So far I have a little over half of the 63 pieced blocks made.  I'll do a full layout after this next batch of blocks is assembled and see what colors I think need to be added. 

We had grandson Cove for a sleepover Saturday night--well, Auntie and Mimi had--Papa was in Del Mar with his best buds.  Cove, who turns 18 months next week, spent a lot of time playing on the couch with the throw pillows, some coasters, and a table runner, and one or two toys from his toy box.  He found a copy of a book he has at home, Brown Bear (Eric Carle) in the toy box and was endlessly amused by the pictures, especially the page with all the kids on it.  He had a lot to say about it!  His vocabulary grows every day but sentences are mostly nonsense (but adorable!)

 Cove with the table runner. Already learning to prefer handmade!

Auntie Erica took Cove on a walk in the new stroller Mimi bought.  I think he spent more time OUT of the stroller looking at kitties.  This was a great disappointment to his daddy, who dislikes cats :)   He was a very good boy, slept all night, ate all his meals, and had no meltdowns.  What a joy he is in our lives.  After Cove went home on Sunday with his mom and dad, I spent many many hours in my room KonMari-ing all my clothing and accessories. Have you heard of this book?  It's starting to change my life.  More on this topic later...

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Julie Kaye from KS said...

I made this quilt several years ago and still love to put it on my bed. I used a little different layout than was in the book. Your pink paisley is actually one of the fabrics I have in my quilt. Your grandson is adorable.

Quilter Kathy said...

This looks like a wonderful pattern!
Can't wait to hear more about this book... do I need to go and buy a copy?!?!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I love Kim Diehl. Grandsons are so much fun, enjoy them all you can.

Mary said...

Cove just keeps getting cuter. Your quilt is going to be a beauty.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Cove is precious, more so each and every day!

Your High Cotton is going to be simply stunning, well done... such itty bitty pieces! It's a masterpiece of stick-tuitiveness.

Yes, I am almost through reading the Art of Tidying and, like you, can feel a major life change about to happen around here~ it's all about sparking joy.

Kate said...

Looks like you made a lot of progress with the blocks.

Cove is such a cutie. Glad he got some quality time with you and your sister. Hope you've been able to rest and recover.