Sunday, September 13, 2015

Assorted Flavors

Well, didn't mean to disappear for over a week!  I finished my KonMari purge of all the papers and got most of them organized.  There are still some loose papers that need corralling in binders, and some thoughtful contemplation for the extra bins and folders that have piled up. I've been sorting the mail as soon as I get in the door and will continue that.  

Although I had thought to get into my kitchen next, on reread of the chapter on Komono, or miscellany, the next category was CDs/DVDs.  This morning I have completely gone through my personal CDs and through the family DVDs with my husband.  The CD cabinet remains full with my husband's collection, but mine are pared down to only the ones that "spark joy", and all the DVDs now fit in two photo boxes.  Love that.  

The horrible heat that we've been having for weeks has put a damper on sewing, and especially ironing, but the Bullseye blocks don't require ironing as they are assembled.

I concentrated on adding green to the piles.  Some of the circles came from previous rounds.

 Final center round has now been attached and I will give these a quick pressing before cutting into quarters and laying out the border. 

I'm happy with how the diagonals are working out, even though I had to rip apart the blocks for one border twice and resew them to make the diagonal go the right way 'round. I'll have to be careful with this second row too :)  Once I get the next border on, I'll assess what additional border widths I need.  I have a brown print for a narrow containment border, and then will have to find a suitable green print for a larger outer border to get this to a queen size for my brother's bed.  

And for the big finish on this post, this week our DD Elaine and husband Chris let the rest of the world know the wonderful news we've been dying to share: 
Cove is going to be a big brother next year!  We are thrilled they are adding to the family and look forward to the new grandbaby, girl or boy.  Life is good!


carol fun said...

Congratulations to all on the great news... here's hoping for a healthy happy addition to the family! Those Bullseye blocks are looking good... hope the heat breaks soon for you. It did here ...from 90's to low 70's in the span of 2 days...I love those cooler temps. Good luck with the purging and organizing. I did a lot of that when I moved 2 years ago but I've had to revist some categories to keep a lid on things. I do like the idea of only keep the stuff that "sparks joy"... makes for a happy house! Have a great week!

Sherrill said...

Love the bulleye's quilt..such a pretty layout! And congrats on another addition to the family. Such a nice looking group you got there!!

Janet O. said...

Happy news about the newly expected grandbaby! Congrats to you all!
Love how the bulls-eye quilt is coming along. Nice to have a project you can work on without heating up the iron. : )

Kate said...

Congrats to the expectant parents and grandparents, very fun news.

The Bullesye block quilt is looking great. Love the border idea.

Tanya said...

Congratulations on being rewarded with another grandchild! More baby quilts to make!