Monday, September 14, 2015

Design Wall Monday--Sept 14, 2015

On my design surface is a new project with a short deadline.  Our daughter Elaine's best friend is getting married next month.  Elaine passed on her friend's question, "Do you think your mom will make me a quilt?" Of course I will!  They are a modern young couple who like very neutral colors in their decor.  With Elaine's approval, I had picked up this Alison Glass pattern a few months ago at Superbuzzy

At the end of the last shopping trip, I learned that I only needed to spend $3.00 more to be eligible for a $25.00 gift card through their rewards program.  I headed back to Superbuzzy to buy all my fabrics as the pattern calls for Kona solids and the shop carries dozens of colors.

I bought extra of all of the neutrals used in the cover quilt, especially the main color, Silver, as I plan to make the larger sized option, and also for stash building.  Here are Silver, Ash, Smoke, Charcoal, and Shale. I also couldn't resist a few fat quarters for bright options, though I'm not sure I'll use them, given the couple's neutral favoritism.  The fabrics are all washed and waiting for ironing and cutting.

Searching around for different color options also lead me to a Timber Quiltalong earlier this year on the ModernHandcraft blog.  Some great colorways came out of the quiltalong.  I really liked the ones with all the prints, of course :)

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Mary said...

There's nothing like a deadline to get us in gear! Great pattern for a modern couple.

Janet O. said...

Has a very Native American feel to it, to me. In the link I especially thought that #3 reinforced that. But they are all striking.
Don't know how neutral I would be willing to keep it all, but that may be part of why I don't like to make quilts for other people's tastes. I like to make what pleases me and then decide to gift it. I sound pretty selfish, don't I? If I don't love it, I struggle to finish it. : )

loulee said...

Wow! That will be lovely done in neutrals. But like you, I love the colours used in the quilt along.

Cathy said...

I love the pattern! Can't wait to see the finish in your fabric choices.

julieQ said... that one! What fun it will be to see you whiz through it!!!

Kate said...

That will be a fun pattern to make with the neutrals. Looking forward to seeing that one come together.