Monday, September 28, 2015

Design Wall Monday--last of September

On this last Design Wall of the month is the Timber Quilt I've been immersed in for the past couple of weeks.  There is a LOT of cutting involved in this complex design but only straight stitching. 
I made myself a plan for each of the five neutrals required for the quilt sections.  However, I chose the Fast Flying Geese method rather than cutting 96 two inch squares for the four blocks requiring multiple flying geese. 
There are a number of different methods for fast flying geese.  While I have used the above-pictured method many times before, I tried THIS method from Connecting Threads first, as it boasted less cutting up front.  However, I found the trimming down to size far more tedious and less accurate for me than cutting four small squares. It was still half as many squares to cut than the pattern instructions.
Post-It notes sure are handy to keep all the different neutrals separated.  These cut pieces are lying on top of the main neutral, Silver, which still needs to be ironed before I get cutting. 
The finished component parts are piling up! Some colors may be eliminated but I am giving myself choices.  It has been hard to face roasting in my sewing room and ironing with this relentless heat we have been having in SoCalif.  Just moving from the sewing machine to the cutting table causes sweat to break out.  We run fans constantly and try to keep the house cool with shutting windows, etc, but the humidity is just impossible.  The HVAC companies have been having a golden year with all the folks wanting air conditioning installed!

Yesterday DH and I went to the beach late in the afternoon.  I had read that the water temperature is 75 degrees, unheard of in our more central California town--it is a more typical of San Diego summer water temps.  DH took a swim while I waded and watched, and then he relaxed on the beach as I waded all the way to the next jetty and back.  It was wonderful to listen to the waves, watch the sandpipers and beach visitors, and enjoy the cooler wind.  We have vowed to make this a more regular occurrence--so good for the soul!

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carol fun said...

That quilt pattern is so striking... I'm not usually a fan of solids but I love the ones you've chosen. Hope the heat breaks soon for you. We are getting into some true Fall temps here in Ohio. May have to dig out my handknit socks and jeans by the end ofthe week! Happy stitching!

Libby in TN said...

Welcome to the South!! We live with the humidity all the time! I try to catch your blog whenever I can because my husband had an Auntie O in southern CA for many years. That quilt looks really complicated. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Nann said...

Wow -- that quilt design takes a lot of planning!
Lake Michigan has been warm, too.

Mary said...

I love going to the coast. There's something about the sound of the surf and the taste of the salt air that is so soothing. Your are so organized with your new project.

loulee said...

Evening walks by the sea and a quick paddle are a joy known only to those who live by the sea. I think we take them for granted sometimes.
Our beach is very popular at the moment as an elephant seal hauled out last week and gave birth!! Mother and baby are doing well and are expected to remain ashore for another 2 weeks.
Your latest project is fascinating. Good that you have made sure you have choices.
Keep cool.

Kate said...

Sounds like the warm waters of the Gulf in the summer. It was always like swimming in a bath tube.

Lots of progress on Timberline. Looking forward to seeing that one come together.

Barb said...

You are very organized...and I love the beach....