Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grandma's Things

Cross stitch is something I still do occasionally. I do love the rhythm and slow pace of the craft. 
I ordered this Poinsettia and Pomegranate stitchery kit several years ago. I've not gotten too far along but recently purchased some additional floss for it. The little snap purse in the picture was in my paternal Grandmother's sewing things that came to me after she moved to a memory care home. 
She never used the clever repair kit inside. It was probably a free gift from a shop decades ago. 
The kit now stays with the stitchery bag and I'll smile when I use it, remembering my dear Grandmother who made my sister and me so many dresses and outfits when we were small. I recently came across all my Elementary School class photos. I was struck by the realization that almost every year for Picture Day I wore a homemade dress or outfit, made either by my Grandmother or my Mom. Handmade is still best in my book!


Janet O. said...

What a nice little remembrance of Grandma.
My Mom made my clothes, too--and I made my girls'. But I recall that one year my grandma helped my Mom make our school clothes and she made one of my dresses. Grandma had never learned to make a set-in sleeve, so she puffed it. Puffed sleeves were not the fashion at the time, and I was not too pleased with Grandma's efforts--but I wore it. Wish I still had that dress today. I would love it. : )

Kate said...

What a nice way to remember your Grandmother. Most of my elementary dresses were made by my mother. It's fun to look back over those photos and remember watching Mom stitch each one.

Stephanie said...

Handmade is DEFINITELY best! What a sweet surprise each time you dip into you cross stitch bag. That's a beautiful stitchery project. I'm not really a garment sewer but I love seeing it making a huge comeback...like quilting and knitting/crocheting.

Mary said...

What sweet memories with the sewing kit. Vintage sewing tools with a family connection are truly treasures. I've never done counted cross stitch, but it lovely.