Monday, October 26, 2015

Design Wall Monday

The Timber Quilt is still hogging all of my cutting table/design surface, but the small Halloween wall hanging I shared a couple of DWM ago is finished.  


I buttonhole stitched around most of the larger elements, and did a tiny zigzag around those windows and the door.  The house was made from leftover charm pack scraps.  The whole wall hanging is about 16x20ish.  Binding and hanging sleeve were completed Sunday and it is now gracing the powder room.  In other Halloween themed news, at long last my version of Any Witch Way, a quilt I started in 2009, is finally hanging up in my dining room for the season. 

This is from Quiltmaker magazine and is available as a PDF on their website now.  I changed the borders and added free-pieced names a la Tonya Ricucci (Word Play Quilts book).  

My witches have eyebrows and noses in addition to the lips the pattern called for.  Quilting was done by Georganna Hawley.  The black border has pebbling and cobwebs in the corners, which look great in person but are hard to photograph.  I'm so happy with how it turned out and look forward to seeing it every year.

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Belinda said...

Don't you just hate it when 'certain' quilts take up more than their share of the workspace!! Screaming for attention and demanding they be able to 'sprawl' all over the place! They just can't take a hint to know when it's time for them to go stand in the closet!! HA!
Your little 'small' turned out w-a-y cute and I like that you added the eyebrows and noses on your witches.
They look mucho better that way.

I also loved the baby spam at the pumpkin patch!! He is just darling!!

Mary said...

Both these quilts are fantastic. I would say you're really into the season!

Nancy Ottaviano said...

Thanks for the feedback, I love yours as well!

Ramona said...

You are ready for Halloween! Adorable quilts.

Janet O. said...

The little Halloween wall hanging is so cute.
And congrats on getting the witches all stitched. Nice finish work. What fun pieces you have for the season!

Barb said...

yay for halloween quilts! fun

Kate said...

Love the Halloween House! it turned out really cute.

I remember your witches, it looks great with your Halloween arrangement.