Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Quilting

This Christmas Quilt got more attention, first with the very tedious stitch in the ditch which takes so long and barely shows on the front.  I'm not a perfectionist and this quilt is for me, so there was very little ripping involved--only for big mistakes! 

  Then I started in on the sashing and cornerstones. 

I free-motion stitched a sort of candy cane wiggle in the sashing and holly leaves in the cornerstones, all in white thread. This took a lot longer than I estimated, partly due to using a thicker thread and having to wind bobbins frequently.  Plus breaking two needles.   I had already decided just to outline any of the appliqued shapes, so that was the next task, fairly quickly accomplished.  While doing the boring quilting, I came up with the decision to treat all the pieced blocks with a simple circle of quilting.  I traced around a small plate on few of the blocks.

I'm not sure I like it.  I may need to add some stippling to the outside of the circle and then stitch in the ditch around the center square. 

The quilt will rest while I decide, and decorate the Christmas tree, which has remained strung only with lights for two days.  We went to Costco on Friday night because they had $46 Noble Fir trees, meeting our DD Erica there. We quickly found out why they are that low price when we saw the trees, completely bound in twine and leaning against a trailer.  No, you are not allowed to open the trees.  "It's kind of like gambling", the attendant told our daughter before we got there.  No thanks, I don't like the roulette version of selecting a tree! So off to Home Depot and the fun of picking out a favorite and comparing it to the others' favorites. Mission accomplished. 

In other news, grandson Cove's early Christmas present arrived and his mom and I put it together after he went to sleep.  I got this picture the next morning upon request.  Strapped in!   He had his first trip to Disneyland yesterday and I can't wait to see what he has to say about it :)


Janet O. said...

Oh, you make me want to get working on a Christmas quilt! I have a few flimsies that would look great over the sofa for the holidays, but I never seem to get to the quilting of them.
How about just putting a smaller concentric circle inside the larger one on the pieced blocks.
I love Noble Firs, and that is a great price, but I'm with you. I'd want to see it first!
Cove looks great in his new chair. : )

Kate said...

Sounds like you are making good progress. I'd probably skip the circle and just to the stippling. Sounds like you are moving ahead on your Christmas plans.

Dawn said...

Your Christmas quilt is wonderful. The holly leaves are so tiny! I love it.
Your grandson looks very proud of that big boy chair - sweet times.
Thank you for sharing!