Monday, December 12, 2016

Design Wall Monday--Dec 12

Good to have something to show for Design Wall Monday again.   Sewing has taken a back seat to reorganizing the house post-Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas, but today I sewed for the first time in a week.  First order of the day was a gift for our annual holiday guild party exchange.  I knew I wanted to make a Snap Happy Bag but wasn't sure what I was going to make it from.  I spied a set of precut strips that was a freebie at Quilt Con and paired them up with some solid gray. 

Simple walking foot quilting with a bright thread. 

The color is off, against that green of the mat, but it's a nice mid gray Kona.  The lining folds over the front of the bag to become the casing for the steel tape that gives the Snap Bag its name. 
I did manage to insert the section of steel tape measure backwards on one side, necessitating unpicking an already backstitched and zigzag finished seam, grr, but that was quickly fixed. 

The Prairie point tabs on each side are used to open the bag.  I think I've made about 15 of these bags over the last five years but the last one was a while ago so I needed to review the instructions again.  These are great for organizing a purse or holding sewing supplies securely.  I hope whoever picks the gift enjoys it!

Another UFO peeked its head out as well--I've had these 5" charms cut for some time but recently found setting and border fabric for a Christmas quilt.  
 I'll be making 4 patches with the charms as well as some appliqued circles.

These birdies were too irresistible!  See more Design Walls on Judy's Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

A year or so ago I was gifted a snap bag and I love it. It is made out of more of a nylon mesh, but your pieced fabric one is very happy!
I love that birdie fabric--really cute! : )

Louise said...

I really like that walking foot twisted ribbon sort of quilting motif! It's quite fancy :) And the fabric with the little birds is wonderful. Very sweet!

Tanya said...

How pretty! I have made those snap bags before...probably inspired by your projects, and I had forgotten what a nice project they make?

Deb said...

I have wanted to make some but have not. You have inspired me!

Mary said...

What a neat bag and I love the birdie fabric.

Debbie Huber said...

Awesome quilting design! Really adds to your bag and looks so professional.
Such a great gift! I have yet to make one.

Kate said...

A very cute bag. I'm sure it will be much coveted at the party. Looking forward t checking out your Christmas quilt as it progresses.