Sunday, December 25, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

Kathy of Kathy's Quilts hosts a slow stitching linkup every Sunday.  This week she invited stitchers to post Christmas or holiday stitchery.  I have a lot of those but will share just a few. 
These guest towels I cross-stitched many years ago and I  pull them out yearly to hang in the half-bathroom.  I'm pretty sure no one has ever used one, lol. 

These bear stitcheries were probably Bucilla kits that I bought in 1985--I finished them in 1986 so had to change the date of the pre-printed cloth :).  

The beading and the fancy white stitch around the holly leaf ring were definite challenges, but fun to try out. I don't recall any beaded projects after these, however!
I love to bring them out each year and remember our early Christmases. Son Nick would have been one year old in 1986.

I do love to decorate for the season, although limit it to the downstairs and stair railings.  The bamboo shelf in the 1/2 bath gets Christmasy too.  I love these winter dressed birds from Target. You can see the embroidered towels hang here as well. 

In the sewing room I added this plaque that was a Secret Santa gift I received from a co-worker.  I love it.  She was most generous.

She also gave me this cute snowman full size stocking who was full of little gifts for our final exchange and Secret Santa reveal.  We have a great group of employees and I'm lucky to be working with them.

Our backyard Poinsettia filled out nicely with the little bit of rain we've gotten (just over 3.75 inches the past two months).  It is over 12 feet tall and there are a few volunteer plants that have appeared below.    See more holiday stitching on Kathy's Quilts. 


Kate said...

I had no idea that poinsettias grew that tall! Your Christmas dècor is quite lovely - I especially like that bird. Merry Christmas!

LA Paylor said...

I was going along thinking how cute everything was then Scree!!!
A poinsettia Tree!!?? Lucky... LeeAnna in cold damp Maryland where there are no poinsettia trees

Kate said...

You've got some pretty sticheries with lots of happy memories. Love your poinsettia tree.