Thursday, February 9, 2017

Progress on UFOs, etc

Over the weekend I got through prepping the backings and tops for two quilts, the UFO picks for January and this month.  I set up a table on risers in the garage and both were spray basted, a process that involved a great deal of walking around the table, pulling and clamping, and smoothing, as every quilter knows.  There was also some swearing, as I once again proved my advanced ability to bungle MATH for quilts by shorting the batting, and also drifting one layer crookedly despite multiple measuring tape checks.  Sigh. I'll just show the one that came out well, lol.

Thank goodness my sister Kathy had brought over another can of 505 spray the day before, as I ran out of my can on the very LAST section I needed to spray of the second quilt.  Isn't that typical?  No quilting has begun as yet, but soon!

The last stitches were taken for the border of this cross-stitch UFO.  There are some small pomegranate motifs to add to each corner and very few detail stitches to the center and this will be finished.  I did struggle a little with the border as the number of stitches in the side borders is different from the top and bottom.  Nothing a little unpicking and restitching couldn't fix.  Love it!

 DD Erica sent this photo of the finished Star-Crossed quilt in its new home.  She included the rug that inspired the colorway, and I think it looks great with the pillows I made her several years ago.  I've asked for full length quilt photos when she gets a chance. 

And now, some grand-baby spam.
Hunter and big brother Cove playing in Hunter's crib a few weeks ago.  They will have their shared birthday later this month.  Can't stop time from making them older, but love spending any minute we can with these darling grandsons. Hunter is not yet walking, but may in the next few weeks.  He's a really fast crawler, though :)

Finally, I must apologize for doubling the photo of the Venice scene art quilt in nearly consecutive posts.   #mindlikeasteeltrap  I do really admire that quilt a lot!


Cherie in St Louis said...

Love that your nail polish matches your cross stitch :) Yay for you getting two quilts ready to quilt!!!

Janet O. said...

I've never spray basted a quilt. I can only imagine the frustrations.
That is a beautiful little cross-stitch (and I had the same thought about the nail polish). : )
Wonderful shot of Erica's quilt in its new home. A perfect fit!
What happy little guys. Can't help but grin at that photo!

Tanya said...

I love spray basting too! The spray can gets a bit expensive in Japan though. I have to use it sparingly and all my larger quilts get hand basted.

Louise said...

Star-Crossed looks fantastic in your daughter's home! Wow! It's just perfect with that gorgeous rug and her throw pillows.

carol fun said...

The Star Crossed quilt looks wonderful in its home setting... it coordinates so well with the rug and the pillows.

I only spray baste little quilts, as that is about the only size I quilt myself anymore, but I do love basting spray.

OMG... the are growing up so fast... but both are such cute kids... I know you will hug them tight every chance you get!

Kate said...

You are making lots of progress on multiple fronts. Love that cross stitch. Those boys are growing so fast! Hope you get a chance to spoil them often.

Sarah said...

Lovely projects on the go. Your cross stitch is beautiful as are your grandsons! Very happy chappies!