Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Rest from Road to CA

There were many other photos from Road to CA, which I meant to post earlier as a slide show.  However, it soon came to my attention that the feature is no longer available in Picasa, and indeed, Picasa is no longer available as a download and will eventually cease to be supported by Google.  Sigh.  So now I probably might move to Google Photos, which I am not at all sure about.  Anyone else familiar with Google Photo for blogging who has tips for me, please do tell!  Anyway here are some of the quilts that caught my eye at Road 2017. 

First, three more mini quilts by quilt designers for the 2016 Kona color of the year, Highlight. 
Loved the hand quilting on this one.  Monica Solorio-Snow offered a larger free pattern of this Love Quilt design following the Orlando Pulse nightclub attack, on her blog, Happy Zombie. 
 I don't know this designer but loved her little sticky note tabs in her mini.

Wonderful rainbow of square in squares from Amy Smart.  Love her blog.
 What a great two color quilt in a new take on Drunkard's Path quilts.  Very intriguing shapes.

 Gorgeous applique in a Christmas themed large quilt. The Poinsettias are so pretty.

 Saturated colors and random placement drew me in to this modern version of Orange Peel blocks. And the maker said she made it in a weekend!!

 Stunning art quilt that I could have studied for an hour--so many details wonderfully wrought.
 This prize winner had a lot of machine quilting enhancing the modern design.  I liked the large shapes in yummy colors.

 Here's another modern quilt of varied shapes that was fun to study.  Lots and lots of negative space with dense quilting.

Another prizewinner with interesting repeated motifs and colors but an unusual setting, and hand quilting densely in the negative space.

Before reading the description of this quilt, I was reeled in by the dancing shapes, and was surprised to find the quilt was another version of Drunkard's Path.  Now I want to get the book!
Hope you enjoyed seeing a few more quilts from the show.  I could have taken another 100 photos, easily!


Mary said...

What a beautiful parade of quilts. I also love the art quilt by Nancy Woods.

Louise said...

Very cool! The orange peel one is my favorite.

Janet O. said...

I am always left in awe by the creativity of some folks!
Love the variation on the Drunkards Path. Hats off to anyone that can take a traditional pattern and give it a wonderful new twist!

Kate said...

Gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing some of the best at the quilt show. If that's a small sampling, it must have been a wonderful show.

Tanya said...

Beautiful quilts but love that artistic quilt of the water!

How could the Orange Peel quilter do that in a weekend?!?!?!