Design Wall Monday--March 6, 2017

On my Design surface is the Patchwork Times UFO pick of the month.  Yes, I know I previously posted a different pick and a possible switch, but true to form, that was a mixup caused from looking at written list versus the website post, wherein I had switched the entries inadvertently.  So, going from the actual posted list on Patchwork Times, #5 is the Metro Twist project, using the original  Quick Curve Ruler. Happily it contains a lot of piecing, which is what I am in the mood for so I'll forge ahead.

Since this photo I've sewn and trimmed all the cut print pieces to the orange solid.  Using a solid means I don't have to cut two different orientations of the background.  Each twist block is made up of 8 of the curved rectangle units.  I now have to do MATH and figure out how many more pieces I can make with the orange fabric I have left (not much!).  Goal is to aim for a 3x3 block layout and if I don't have enough orange, use a different background for the just the very center block.   I have lots of fun prints to mix into the purple, gray, and yellow piles, plus a few others.   See more Design Walls on Judy's Patchwork Times. 

We spent a few hours on Saturday with this 1 year old charmer and his equally charming 3 year old big brother. Their Mama sent this photo stating this is Hunter's new favorite hangout.  So cute.  He hung out with me while brother Cove had fun playing "sick" and needing a blanket, medicine, and cuddles from his Papa---in between bouts of using a plastic golf club to shoot bad guys. They joined us at a local restaurant Sunday night to celebrate their Auntie's birthday and were as entertaining as ever. 

The Valentine's Day decor came down on Saturday too.  I bought this sweet mini at the local guild's quilt show last fall.  The hearts are stiffened and then sewn on the prequilted background.  Love it.  Bunco is at my house this month so all the St. Patrick's Day decor is up.  Hoping the Luck of the Irish is with me this week!


carol fun said…
LOVE the Metro Twist project... that orange for the background is a wonderful choice! I have this ruler in my stash but haven't played with it yet...let me know how you like it. happy stitching!
Judy D in WA said…
I'm dying from the cuteness of that precious baby boy!
Quilts??? You have quilts on this post???
What a fun UFO to work on this month. Hope it all goes according to your plan.
Janet O. said…
Adorable shot of Hunter!
That is such a cute idea with the Valentine quilt!
I took the Valentine themed decor down on Saturday, but haven't got the shamrocks out yet. Better hurry. : )
Preeti said…
The bright orange really energizes the block. I am sure it will make a gorgeous quilt. Your young visitor is very handsome. How can you get anything done with so much cuteness in one place?
Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog - Sew Preeti Quilts.
Tanya said…
That's going to be a beautiful curved quilt! You find the neatest patterns!
Kate said…
I remember Metro Twist. That's going to be a fun quilt to play with this month.
Pam said…
I love your orts for DWM. Nice colorway!

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