Tuesday's Orts--March version

Tuesday's Orts--bits and pieces of thoughts and events that land here occasionally.
  • Our family recently wrapped up four straight weeks of birthdays for five people.  Oh, and our wedding anniversary was in there too. Whew, that was a lot of eating!
  • In our medical office my least favorite patient is a WALK IN.  Especially when they ask for five or six things other than the "emergency" reason they thought couldn't wait for an appointment.  Grrrr!
  • Does this happen to anyone else?  All my shoes seem to have worn out at once. And I can't find new ones I like.
  • Traffic Rant:  I approached a four way stop in a neighborhood recently only to sit there dumbfounded when a large pickup truck's driver blew through it at a high rate of speed from the opposite direction,  not even looking at all.  Scary!  
  • Perusing the Help Wanted ads in the newspaper today, I came across the job title "Open Area Technician" for the Parks and Recreation department.  I can't decide if that means picking up trash or policing picnickers.  
  • I love the Reader View for websites, don't you?  I can barely wait for the web page to load enough so I can hit that option.
  • Saint Patrick's Day is almost here and I dressed up my living room for the occasion--actually I did it last week when I hosted Bunco.  
Well, they have bunnies in Ireland, surely?  I couldn't resist this adorably alert carrot-packing guy at Michael's.  He was ridiculously overpriced but I had a coupon.  He'll hang around through Easter.

Here's a more traditional display on the lawyer's bookcase.  The Oxalis stand-in for shamrocks was also overpriced but I wanted something live.  Not that my black thumb will mean it lasts very long.  I pieced the shamrock mini quilt some years ago and still love it.

A closer look at a very old family picture.  This is my paternal great-grandfather Logan, on the left, and his fraternal twin brother Grant, in their Irish tartans and sporrans.  My dad has a fraternal twin too and there is a photo of them as infants being held by their twin grandfather and great uncle that I want to get a copy of and enlarge, so special.  The twins and their three brothers were all named after  Civil War Union Generals--I had an Uncle Sherman too!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
The family photo is a treasure, as are your St. Patrick's touches. YES is my response to your shoe question: I feel that same pain. "Why", I ask, "can't the shoes that I love so much, and fit so well, stay in style long enough for me to find another pair?" Arrgh!
Janet said…
Great post. ..And wow it IS difficult to find good, comfortable ,cute, shoes....I do really like my "go-walks" though....And they have some cute new colours this year ☺
Janet O. said…
Oh, what a wonderful old photo! That is precious!
Love the holiday decor. I didn't get all of mine out this year--just hasn't been time, but there is enough that you would not mistake the month if you looked around my living room. : )
Maker Joy said…
I love the decorations. You're so clever to find something that will work for two holidays.

I hate shoe shopping too. I wish the shoes that were comfortable would just last forever.
Kate said…
Happy St. Patty's Day. Your house is definitely dressed up for the season. Love the family picture.
Tanya said…
Great little rabbit! Your shamrock block is a wonderful decoration for the season!
maggie fellow said…
what a wonderful piece of family history. and they were so cute too

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