Monday, May 1, 2017

Design Wall Monday--UFO #5 update

On this Design Wall Monday, I thought I might actually have a finished quilt to show by end of April, but alas, I do not.  I'm going to blame that on Squirrels that easily distracted me from the basting and quilting portion of the month's UFO pick by Patchwork Times.  On my list #5 is the Medallion Star Rescue quilt, a relic from the early 1990s that got passed on to me a few years ago.    I chopped off parts and added pieced borders to bring it back to life.

Finally basted on Saturday, and started quilting Sunday.  No way it was getting finished by deadline, but still I'm pleased that it is no longer stuck in a box.

The center star is all quilted.  There is a bit of tenting at the very middle which may require some extra stitching to tame, but there is plenty of quilting left to do.  I also cut binding and will have to be clever with adding more fabric to make it around this lap quilt. 

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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Annie,
This is so pretty! I love the quilting you did on the center star. It looks great to me. ~smile~

Mary said...

You made a lot of progress even if you didn't hit your goal. I like the way you quilted the center.

Robin said...

Sometimes just getting started is a goal all by itself. I'm a big red, white, and blue fan so this is right up my alley.

Janet O. said...

I think you have done well. A little tenting just means you can take it camping. : )

loulee said...

It's looking good. It's nice to have things finished by a deadline, but sometimes taking the journey is worth more than winning the race. :-)

Kate said...

Another UFO almost off the list. Progress is always good even if you can't claim a finish. It's looking great.