Thursday, May 25, 2017

Home Improvement

Since I last posted, we have done practically nothing but haul stuff around our house, getting ready for replacement of our 25+ year old carpet.  What a chore!  We started in the home office, removing a wallpaper border from the Southwest decor days. Then we cleaned the walls, prepped for paint and finally got the first coat done at 10:15 pm on Saturday night.  My husband commented, "Why is it always hot weather when we do these things?"  Good question!  It topped 82 degrees over the course of our lifting, pushing, pulling, painting, trimming and cleanup and staggering to bed last Sunday night, ready for the old carpet to disappear.
What a difference a day made!  We were thrilled with the result.  The installer and his worker did a great job of cleaning up daily and moving furniture around.  They were so fast that we had double work one day to empty two more rooms.  Exhausting and resulting in STUFF EVERYWHERE.

 Fortunately we had a large living/dining room to stack STUFF.

 Mini helped upstairs when we reassembled the master bedroom.  My sewing room was the last room redone. Our very handy neighbor thankfully trimmed the tile from it's former stairstep design to the plain angle and we are thrilled with the way it looks. The guys finished the stairs yesterday and quarter round trim in the office. 
I couldn't wait to get moving things back this morning.

A lot more was done after this shot and I'm hoping I can finally sew something again--it has been about two weeks since I did any sewing.

The plank floor looks great with the new Berber carpet.  We will enjoy this excellent installation and not be embarrassed by our old carpet anymore!


Sherrill said...

Looks great! Any kind of remodel is a major inconvenience but always so worth it in the end. I had the master bath remodeled a yr and a half ago and thought the 3 weeks would never be over. But it's so pretty now!

Quilter Kathy said...

I am jealous! It looks terrific and I desperately need to do the same thing!

Janet said...

Looks very fresh and new....such a huge job but I'm​ sure you're going to enjoy the finish for years to come 😊

Kate said...

That is lot of work, but it looks great. Hope you get in some fun stitching time this weekend.

Janet O. said...

Really looks good, Annie! It is such a hassle, but aren't the results so worth it?!?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It looks great! I am sure you are relieved to have this behind you; I know what a lot of work this kind of job is, and how stressful the resulting chaos can be, but it's all worth it in the end. Well done!

Barb said...

LOOKS will be wonderful for you to get everything moved back.