Friday, May 19, 2017

UFO of the Month Progress and Acquisitions

Well, the cutting table didn't stay pristine for long, as the #11 UFO pick of the month on my list is to make progress on four projects in boxes, by cutting all the pieces.  I had hoped for one per week and am running behind a little. 

Jewels in the Curio (Moda Bake Shop pattern) fabrics got laid out yesterday and I did a bunch of cutting with my GO cutter.  These strips were then subcut to pattern directions.  I added many from stash to get a good mix, particularly since the Civil War Homefront jelly roll had NO greens--my fave color.  The last time I used a jelly roll was maybe 8 years ago, I remember it was called Sanctuary.

All the cut pieces were labeled and are back in the box.  It was all I could do NOT to start sewing with all these yummy reproduction fabrics now!  The remaining two boxes are batiks and 30's fabrics, which will both be patterns from Kim Brackett's Scrap Basket Sensations.  The GO cutter will be getting a workout.  I'm really getting a variety of fabrics to play with this month :)

Recent acquisitions from Connecting Threads were these fabrics to make Twilight Hopscotch from Kim Diehl's Simple Comfort lap quilts book.  I've wanted to make this quilt for years.
I don't think I have ever made a two color quilt before and am looking forward to it.  These prints are from the Oh My Darling line.  The "Kitchen Twine" print is the name of neutral, so sweet. 

Also from Connecting Threads were coordinating prints to add to the Sliced Cake project --and more of the main print fabric as I miscut.  All of these were on clearance.
The Macrame line is from Cotton + Steel.  Love it.  My daughters and I recently took a macrame class from a friend of hers who teaches them locally.  It was really a fun mother-daughter night. I used to do a lot of macrame when I was a teen--the last time it was popular!

Our house is being turned upside down as next week we are finally replacing our well worn 26 year old carpeting, long past due to be torn out.  For our office we have chosen a vinyl plank floor which will be much better under the rolling chairs.  My sewing room will also get new carpet, so the cutting table will come down, of course, along with all the furniture.  It is a lot of work and bother but will be so worth it to end the embarrassing carpet.   I plan to do some minor adjustments to my sewing room furniture  arrangement when all is complete.  Hope my arms hold out for all this moving here and there!


Karen said...

I like the fabrics you show in the first photo. Just my kind.

Janet O. said...

I had to Google Jewels in the Curio. I like it and think it will look really good in those fabrics.
Then I had to get out my Simple Comforts book and look up Twilight Hopscotch. Your new fabrics are great choices for that quilt.
Very exciting top get new carpet, but it is quite an upheaval to make way for it. Hope the dust settles soon and you can get back to work!

Janet said...

Good luck with the new flooring...I bet it makes your house look fresh and new 😊

Janet said...

Good luck with the new flooring...I bet it makes your house look fresh and new 😊

Shasta Matova said...

I wish you well with your new flooring. I am sure it will make such a big difference in the space and will be worth it in the long run, making that short bother worthwhile.

Kate said...

Love the fabrics for the Jewels in the Curio. Sounds like you are making lots of progress with your UFO plan this month.

Louise said...

I love that Lexington alphabet cream fabric. I'm down to my last few precious scraps of that one, sigh.

Connie the Cootiebug said...

Very yummy fabrics -- I particularly like the first few pix. Getting some new flooring will be nice!