Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More of the Same, and Something Different

Cross Reference blocks are still the front runner in my sewing hours.  I got a bunch more done over the weekend, this time the alternate color, rust.

I haven't quite worked out how many of the rust blocks I will use in the layout so will just keep sewing until they are all made.  I see a lot of squaring up in my future. 

We had a wetter winter and my Golden Rain Tree went nuts with blossoms this year.  While the neighbor's basketball hoop spoils the picture, I'm loving all the pretty yellow flowers.  Someday I hope this tree will actually shade the front of the house, not just the driveway.

Lots of bees buzzing in the tree daily.  We had a couple of hot windy days and a lot of the flowers were blown off.  I spent half an hour this morning sweeping them out of our neighbor's driveway and the gutter.  Soon the flower spikes will give way to seed pods.  I love flowering trees, even though they are very messy.  

My husband and I are both on vacation for a few days and have a long list of household chores to get through, mostly related to reassembling the house since our carpet installation.  We bought some new wall lamps for our home office and the obviously translated instructions were not quite English--check out #3 especially!
Pretty funny.  Last weekend we assembled a new, smaller desk for me, and I'll need to thin file folders and desk drawer items.  Last night we moved furniture around in our future guest room and I reloaded the bookcase, which  lead to opening books and delayed finishing the job, natch. Lots of boxes, artwork, and paper purging to do yet.  I can't remember the last time we were off work for so many days together and we are enjoying our time.  It always goes so much faster than you think it will!


Janet O. said...

I thought you said you were on vacation--this sounds like work to me! : )
Sometimes those "almost English" instructions can be so frustrating. I have a sewing machine that I have never used to make a buttonhole or put in a zipper, because the parts are so different from my other machines that I couldn't figure it out on my own. The instructions were definitely not written by someone native to the English language, and the illustrations did not match what little I could grasp. Thankfully I know those procedures on another machine.
Got a laugh about the part where you are reloading the bookcase and got a bit distracted. That would be me, too.

julieQ said...

Very pretty blocks, Annie!! I have a friend who is a technical writer and writes instructions for putting together tools...she says it is pretty hard when you have no clue about what is really happening on the other side of the screwdriver!

Preeti said...

Oh my goodness, those blocks are so much work. it is commendable that they are so neatly done. I am sure it wiIl make a lovely quilt.

Mary said...

Sounds like you are managing to enjoy yourselves while being super industrious!

Sherrill said...

I've come across a few of those translated instructions lately!! Some just make you go 'huh?'. Even had one that was pictures only and the pix made NO sense. Good grief. LOVE the way the quilt is coming along..another beauty in process.

Karen said...

More of the same but good same!

Dollandesign said...

I like this block with those cross!