Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bits and Bobs

I haven't sewn anything yet this week, but did finally get the borders on the Cross Reference quilt (APQ mag April 2017) for my son over the weekend. Borders are so boring to attach, I dragged it out for two weeks, I think.  This is why many of my quilts have no borders!

Now for backing, batting, binding.  I used my GO! 2.5" strip cutter for the outer border and binding strips.  Not sure yet what I'm going to use for the backing, but will purchase white batting to keep the bright cream look.  I promised him it will be finished by his birthday, which is next Monday.  He keeps teasing me that his girlfriend is cold when she sits on his couch.  I'll aim for Sunday night, when we will gather here for a family BBQ.  Deadlines are good for me.

This mess is the UFO Challenge pick of the month, which I plan to turn in to guild as a top.  Due to unforced errors, I am short of the proper sized blocks for the alternate stripes that form the Houndstooth design.  Unfortunately, after messing about with this months ago and cutting a bunch of different pieces from stash, I did not write down my intentions and have to puzzle it out again.  MATH.  Ugh.

And now for some grandson spam:

Check out the eyelashes on Cove! When I was helping DD Elaine get the sleeping boys out of the car that day, both had one shoe on and one shoe off.  Loved that.

The family had a recent few days at Bass Lake in Northern California with friends and spent a lot of time in/on the water.  Cove even consented on the last day to ride the tube pulled behind the boat.  His mother was afraid he might pop out at one point, he is so lightweight, but he enjoyed it, calling it the "best roller coaster ever", according to his mom. 

Hunter crashed in his life vest out after an afternoon in the water.  So cute.  I'm happy the family has gone on so many outings, sorry we were not able to do the same for our kids when they were little, due to DH and me working most weekends and seldom having vacation days at the same time.  We did what we could!  

I'm off to the eye doctor and dry cleaners before work--such an exciting life :)


Janet O. said...

Nothing like a little pressure to get your son's quilt finished. By Sunday? Yikes!
I stall at borders, too. Boring is a good term for it. :)
Oh, those sweet little grandsons! Precious photos!

Stephanie D said...

Oh, to have eyelashes like that! lol They are adorable!

Louise said...

I love Bass Lake! Many happy memories there. Glad to see you are making new ones, too :)

Kate said...

Congrats on all the progress with Cross Reference. Deadlines are good, but they can certainly stress you out. Hopefully you've gotten a good ways towards the finish. Looks like a fun time on the water for everyone. I'd be with Hunter, after a day on the water, I want a good nap too.

Mary said...

I agree. Deadlines can be very useful.