Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nearly Done and Squirrel

Top of the queue, the Cross Reference quilt for my son was front and center over the weekend.  I ran down to Superbuzzy to take advantage of the anniversary sale Saturday and found the perfect backing. 

This is a Michael Miller fabric called Tumbling Blocks, 108" wide, super soft and silky.  I bought Quilter's Dream batting, also soft and silky, but weighty.  After I spent at least an hour cleaning up threads on the back of the quilt, we were called for grandson duty Saturday night.  I resumed the basting job early the next morning and got to quilting.  

I chose a specialty stitch on my domestic machine and stitched through the center of each large cross block, and randomly in between. 

I would have liked to have made the curves wider and longer, but max settings didn't change it too much.  The binding is on, as of this morning, and the quilt is awaiting it's label and first bath.  Since it has been 85+ degrees with equal humidity around here, I didn't feel too bad about missing my Monday deadline! 

In the Squirrel department, a friend's daughter is leaving for college out of state and I thought she should have a quilt, naturally.  While surfing the net, probably Pinterest, I saw a Layer Cake pattern that looked fairly simple and remembered a long hoarded grouping of Boutique fabrics from Chez Moi for Moda that I felt would suit the young lady.  I shared them with my friend and she agreed.  Some Kona Snow for background and pattern in hand, I set about cutting the required squares.  Then MATH reared it's ugly head.  There were simply not enough fat quarters.  Stash diving, I came across another fat quarter collection that complemented it, Oh My Darling from Connecting Threads. 
I felt the scale of the graphics and colors worked well (in the left stack, the Chez Moi is the top 7, with Oh My Darling the bottom). I'm hoping the quilt will be as striking as I think.  The quilt will have to be shipped to her, but cold weather isn't slated to arrive immediately so I have a little space.  Looking forward to piecing these pretty fabrics together. New projects are so much more fun than UFOs!


Janet O. said...

That is a great backing.
And you chose a fun way to quilt your son's quilt.
I think the fabrics for your friend's daughter's quilt work very well together.
So is the pattern you show in the last photo the whole quilt, or just a block? If it is the whole quilt, I am loving that you can make an interesting and eye catching design with such large blocks. Who knew? (Not me, apparently, since I shrink everything.)

Louise said...

Cross Reference is looking fine with her specialty stitches in place. Can't wait to see the post spa wash/dry photos!

You did a great job finding coordinating fabrics to fatten up your fat quarters for the young lady's quilt :)

carol fun said...

Love the quilting on your son's quilt...I need to use the decorative stitches on my machine more often. As for the Moda Love Layer cake quilt, that will be beautiful. I worked on a version of this back in October 2014... still needs borders... but it was easy to do. Hope you have some sewing time in this holiday weekend!

Preeti said...

I had to hop on over to see your quilt. You are so correct - we are on the same wavelength, including the quilting. LOVE the backing. For an instant I thought that that was your quilt. I am sure your son will love it - so graphic and very manly.

Kate said...

Love your choice of backing fabric. Congrats on all the progress with Cross Reference. The quilting looks great. Have fun with your new project. College quilts are fun.