Sketching on Sue

Judy of Patchwork Times has chosen #4 as the UFO for September, but I have several still unfinished choices from previous months, some this close to finishes.  One of them is Sunbonnet Sue Goes to the Orient.   After thread sketching the edges of all the applique, I wanted to try adding some detail to the background with hanging Chinese lanterns.  My sister suggested I draw them on white paper and preview my ideas that way.  Clever girl. 

First try. I liked the number of lanterns and one peeking out from behind Sue, but they were too small and crowded all on the one side.

Try #2.  While I liked the shape of the single lantern, I felt it needed to be larger, maybe hang lower, and seemed too attention grabbing.

Try #3.  Balancing the two smaller lanterns on the opposite corner looked better to me, though I would likely flip the image in the left upper corner to peek out behind Sue's hat.  Some further adjustments to the scale and details of the Chinese lanterns will be made.  I discussed using the thread sketching as quilting with my sister, but we agreed that it would put too much emphasis on the lanterns and not on Sue, so I'll sketch them only on the background fabric.  There will be some free-motion practice sessions to accomplish the kind of detail the lanterns deserve before attempting on the real thing.  I'll still have to find a backing, sandwich and quilt, then bind this little quilt, but Sue deserves a finish after lingering in limbo all these years!


Barb said…
you both are clever!! this is going to be so cute
Janet O. said…
I think the lanterns look great. I'm curious to see the final outcome. :)
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Great idea! I love thread "sketching", this will be fantastic!
Janet said…
This will be a fun finish....I really like the lanterns 😊
Louise said…
This is going to look great!
Mary said…
Sue's looking good! I like the idea of having a lantern peeking out from behind her.
Kate said…
The lanterns are a very fun addition. Good luck getting Sue all finished up.

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