Design Wall Monday--Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  On my Design Floor is the latest squirrel project, which I am making for my friend and manicurist's daughter, who is off to college this week in another state.  She's the only girl in the family, and Mom will miss her bunches. 

Moda Love Layer Cake pattern, free here.  I think there were a couple more changes after I took this pic, but you have to stop the switcheroo game somewhere. This is a big quilt, 72" square finished. I used fat quarters and yardage, not having a Layer Cake.

I used my favorite new Hera tool to mark the center diagonal on the 10" squares for the HSTs before stitching.  The rows are now all gathered up into pinned stacks and, since the temperature has dropped almost to match the humidity as of today, I will be stitching.  Yesterday, while drooping under the fans in the 89 degrees inside of our un-airconditioned house, it was all I could manage just to do some hand stitching.

I had previously wound satin 1/2" ribbon on the hoop of a cross-stitch, which I had never tried before.  It is not perfectly done, but I like the look.  It has sat waiting for the back to be finished for the past month.

A circle of yellow wool felt got stitched on the back with perle cotton--sorry, no pics of that--and I'll add a piece of ribbon to hang it from.  Love this Lizzie Kate pattern. I have put off starting a new cross-stitch project until finishing this one.  Silly what rules one makes up for oneself!  

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Janet said…
That is a beautiful quilt...thanks for showing it and adding the link to the pattern. This might be one I try next. I have the same cross stitch rules lol 😊
AnnieO said…
Thanks, Janet. You come up no reply, so I hope you'll see this! I've got 4 rows stitched together so far....
Janet O. said…
I know it may sound strange coming from me, Annie, but I LOVE that quilt with the big blocks. Your fabric combo is beautiful!
Thanks for the link. I think I know exactly what I want to do with it. I have some larger scale Christmas prints that I love, but everything I thought I would make with them would have lost the print in cutting up the fabric. This is perfect. I can't wait. I don't know when I will be able to squeeze it into the queue, but I will do it somehow!
Your cross-stitch finish is very cute. :)
Barb said…
Is that one block and you are done? Love it
loulee said…
The quilt top looks like a reasonably quick make, which is always nice, especially amid some of the more time consuming pieces we chose to create.
Your cross stitch pieces are cute.
Kate said…
A very fun star quilt for your friend's daughter. You've made really good progress with it. Congrats on getting your stitchery all ready for hanging. Happy stitching the rest of this week, hopefully the cooler weather will hang around for a bit.
Tanya said…
Just LOVE that quilt! I'm going to check out that link you gave. It looks like a great way to use some scraps.

Your crossstitch is beautiful too!
Sherrill said…
I love that pattern and made it awhile back after seeing it on someone else's block and then she went and added to it and I had to do that too! Her's was queen and I have a queen so I made mine just like hers. Not back from longarmer's yet bt hopefully soon. I know she'll love it!

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