Monday, October 9, 2017

Design Wall Monday--Oct 9

On my design floor today is a baby quilt I'm making. It's for my daughter's friend and she requested a more minimalist design. I showed the fabrics a couple of posts ago, but hadn't chosen a background.  That required a shopping trip, so after work Friday I headed to the local fabric store, and pulled a few bolts.  
 I loved this text print the best, but DD thought it was too busy.

She also didn't choose the Grunge fabric in white. 

Thumbs up was given to the solid pink Kona (Flesh).  It's a warmer toned very light pink.  I washed and ironed everything and got cutting and sewing Sunday.  Since, as usual, I deviated from the pattern (Signed, Sealed, Delivered, APQ mag April 2017), I made a cheat sheet for the pieces I needed.  Cutting was pretty simple and I got right to piecing.  

The chisel-shaped pieces required marking, slicing, and trimming, and I wish I could have figured a way to skip that step, but there weren't that many to do, after all.  Before I knew it, all the block pieces were ready to be laid out.
I've sewn up two complete rows and anticipate finishing the top in another couple of hours' worth of stitching.  I'm skipping the borders and will probably bind it in the pink to keep the stars floating.  The other item on the design wall couldn't be more different in contrast.  This is the monthly challenge block from our MQG, in which we drew two crayons at random. 

I lucked out in getting these two colors since I love that green and had plenty of scraps.  If the crayon had been pink or blue I'd have had a more difficult time!  I sliced and diced and cobbled together enough slabs for a 12.5" block.  Making fabric takes time, but it's kinda fun.  I keep chunks and strips in a separate scrapbook drawer tower and it's surprising how often I dip into them for something.  

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love looking at your design wall-- you keep me inspired! The minimalist baby quilt is so very soft and lovely. Well done on your challenge piece too, you rose to that challenge quite nicely. Thumbs up!

Mary said...

The baby quilt is precious.

Janice Holton said...

I lean toward bright saturated colors but I really like the effect of this baby quilt with muted colors and the soft pink background. It's a very calm and serene looking design! Very pretty!

Preeti said...

Swirling stars do look pretty. Love the green and black combination. Whatever this becomes, it will be lovely.

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Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I love the fabrics that you wound up using for the minimalist quilt. It looks like it went together rather quickly. What a fun challenge to pick out a couple of crayons. I am just now beginning to delve into the quilt alongs, challenges, and mystery quilt area. It has been a lot of fun so far. Thanks for all the great quilting inspiration today. Happy sewing! Andrea

Churn Dash said...

I love the first print and think it would have been amazing, but I do love how the quilt is looking with the plain background.

A few years ago our guild had a crayon challenge, my colours were awful and I never made a quilt (thank goodness!). I love how bright your greens are and look forward to seeing how the quilt grows.


Kate said...

It's fun to have very different projects going in the sewing room. That baby quilt is turning out beautifully. Happy stitching this weekend.