2018 Quilting Plans

This year I opted not to join any UFO challenges.  I did barely okay, maybe 50%, on the challenge through Judy of Patchwork Times in 2017, but the near misses bothered me.  I always seem to get stuck at the same place in a quilt project, which is generally making the quilt sandwich and quilting.  Not having a longarm quilting machine, nor being rich enough to send out all my quilts, it is a more time consuming effort.  I know I am not alone in getting stuck here! 

Prayer Flag Squirrel Runner
Counting up all the WIPs, UFOs, and PIBs in the sewing room gave me a list of 25 projects I have in various stages from collecting fabrics to partly pieced, or on a hanger awaiting batting and quilting, like the Squirrel runner above.  Last year one of my monthly UFO projects was simply cutting all the pieces for the projects languishing in boxes for years with pattern and fabrics. I'd like to get those all sewn up into quilts, at last.  

Medallion Star Rescue, as I call it, only needs the quilting finished and the binding attached.  Yet it has sat on the sidelines for many months awaiting another turn under the sewing machine needle.  I'm going to donate this quilt when complete.  I'm thinking the near finishes like this should be first on the list.

My new Viking Sapphire 930 sewing machine, with a 10" harp, should help a lot with being able to quilt these projects.  My other Viking Lily had a 7" harp space and believe me, it was a workout shoving and pushing/pulling on big quilt sandwiches.  I need to order a plexiglass surround for the new model for my sewing desk.

Moda Love Top
I am considering using Google Sheets to help me keep track of progress, though I never learned to use a spreadsheet program properly before.  Anyone else use this program for quilt or craft projects?  

Naturally, since I have so much to do, I joined Barb's Churn Dash block swap (now closed), so I'll need to put that near top of the list!  


Janet O. said…
Having expanded harp space is a blessing, isn't it?
I finally got my "Moda Love" top cut out, inspired by this top at the end of your post.
Of course you add to the list when you already have an overwhelming amount of things to do!
Sherrill said…
Someone was just talking about Google sheets (was it Judy?) and I've never heard of them so obviously no clue. Hope you're feeling better since you're contemplating quilting. I'd be toast if I couldn't send my stuff out to be quilted; it'd never get done.
I am in the same boat as you are but not nearly as organized. Too many UFOs. Good luck on your 2018 quest!
Quilter Kathy said…
Of course we joined Barb's new swap... we NEED another project LOL!
Louise said…
When I first read "Google sheets" I thought you meant bed sheets, to be used as backings! I was reading someone else's blog today who talked about buying vintage sheets for that. My addled brain thought, Huh. I didn't know Google made bedding!

All that harp space should really help with your quilting. Please don't tell me it's a Google harp...
Barb said…
I am excited to hear about your new Viking! I'm a Viking girl too. I have the Designer 2.
your projects look great and making charity quilts is so generous.
I am not taking any challenge in 2018 - well, except for the swap :)
oh my gosh you're so talented!
Kate said…
I decided to just be happy if I made progress on a UFO, they didn't have to get completed. That's just way to hard. You've got some great projects waiting in the wings for quilting. Hopefully your new sewing buddy will help with that. I've used Excel for years to track sewing projects and status. Many years ago, I did participate in a UFO challenge where the hostess used Google Sheets for us to post our progress on. It worked OK as I remember, it was nice since it was a shared spreadsheet everyone could access.
Tanya said…
You have so many nice quilts and someday quilts! They are all colorful and are tempting this blog friend in far away Japan.

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