Design Wall Monday, and Recovering

Having been slayed for two days by an unpleasant GI illness, I'm staying home this Design Wall Monday to regain strength.  Yesterday I could only manage to eat one cracker and sip on Gatorade. This isn't the type weight loss program I am a fan of!

I have a few things to share.  

We had a mini -quilt swap at Guild and I made this for Scott. He loves blue and hates orange but I ended up with a couple of tiny triangles of it in this quilt :).  It is about 20x24", I'm guessing, made from leftover blue and white HSTs onto which I improv sewed other cutoff triangles. I had already quilted part of the quilt but finished with my new sewing machine, a Viking Sapphire 930, which has a 10" throat.  Heaven!  I also sewed up--at the last minute--a mini quilt for our Holiday gift swap. Somehow I didn't get a pic of the finished quilt and will have to ask Sarah, who ended up with it, to send me one.

5" charm pack squares with 2" light gray corner squares to make cute snowballs.  I backed it with the same light gray, quilted with my favorite 3-step zig zag stitch and bound it with a bright blue solid.

While missing our Ventura MQG Sew-in for Thomas Fire quilts on Saturday (having sent DH to deliver batting and fabric),  I had a home session sewing Perkiomen blocks from the kit I brought home.  Lots of rearranging, pinning, and getting up and down from the machine to the ironing board.  I finished three full rows before giving up and heading for the bed. No pics of that yet. 

I also worked on a cross-stitch from a Lizzie Kate pattern.   

In progress, had to show my manicure :)

And a finish!  This was my first time using a hand-dyed embroidery floss (Weeks Hand-Dyed), and I must say I am not particularly fond of the striping that occurred in the background of the large letters.  I had a couple of creative opportunities with this stitchery (ahem)--the C in "Stitching" received more of a curve as I miscounted where the next letter started.  I actually like the way the letter looks with the addition but the stitchery doesn't line up perfectly.  Some other design decisions occurred in the bottom section, but the differences didn't bother me enough to tear out rows and rows of stitching.  This will look cute framed and up on the wall.  

More hand sewing while reclining and alternately dozing through nausea yesterday...

Cheddar and Cinnamon Quilt
This poor quilt has been waiting since September 2017 for the binding to be finished after I had it  custom longarm quilted.  I have about 1.5 sides left to do.  It is a fairly big quilt at 72"square, so takes awhile.  

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julieQ said…
I really love those nine patches...hope you feel better!!
Sherrill said…
Oh UGH! Sure hope you're feeling better soon! Love the little modern quilt for Scott!
Marti said…
Stomach bugs are never fun. I'd rather have a high fever than nausea any day. Well, not any day. Never, in fact, but not our choice is it? Hope you feel better soon.

Your quilts are gorgeous. I especially like your mini quilt with it's bright colors. And your cross-stitch looks perfect. I wouldn't have noticed anything and couldn't see it even after you pointed it out. Good quote too. lol
Louise said…
Great stitchery piece! I'm sorry you're still feeling woozy. Yuck-o! I hope you're past it soon.
Quilter Kathy said…
It's the perfect day to stitch a binding!
Love the cross stitch..... even with the "creative opportunities"!
Joyful Quilter said…
Love your swap quilt and how you quilted really lets all the different elements stand out.
Janet O. said…
So sorry you have been so sick! But you have certainly made the most of your recuperation time!
Very clever mini quilt!
I can't tell in what way your stitched piece doesn't line up. It looks great to me.
Binding anything takes me a while, but a quilt that size could take me a week--if I worked on it every evening. :)
Hope you are all better very soon!
Lindah said…
So sorry to hear you were not feeling well. You might have been under the weather, but you surely accomplished a lot. I really like your improv piece for Scott. Have you named it? My first thought was 'Broken Stars,' but that sounds a bit negative. Stars something anyway. Also wanted to say that the quilting on it is really effective.

HOpe you're ok today.
Kate said…
So sorry you were sick last weekend. There are some really nasty bugs out and about these days. At least you were able to do a bit of hand work and just veg out while you recovered. Both minis are fun, I really like those little snowball blocks.

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