Saturday, March 10, 2018

QuiltCon 2018--Part 2

More quilts to share--and I wish I had taken even more photos!  First up, mini quilts.

I liked all the diagonal lines, appliqued so straight!--and all the quilting.  Another faced quilt.  It was probably 20x24".

The descriptions of all the quilts helpfully included details to answer the most common questions :)  I do wish they had included each quilt's dimensions. 

Improv piecing in my favorite color, green.

This was a pretty big mini, maybe 36-40" square.

Very dynamic design with so much color and personality. I don't work with black and white much but really liked it in this smaller quilt.

Paper piecing is a technique I have not explored much, mostly because it drives me nuts to think upside down and backwards.
 A very colorful quilt with that very interesting tiny black line.  A closer look was necessary.
Wow, look how skinny it really is  pieced there.  And how about the exceeding close quilting?

The maker's description was just as interesting.--the lines are binary code. 

 I was completely charmed by this quilt, the colors and lines, the quilting.  

 I thought the quilting motif was a very good choice.

Reading the description, the maker included my favorite Prussian Blue, yummy Caramel and the coral shades I love--no wonder I was drawn to it. If there is a printed pattern, I'd buy it.

 Another fairly large quilt with lots of movement and color, whimsy and charm.

Blogger will not let me type below the first photo, but this very interesting HUGE quilt was in a collection of Art Quilts.  Many types of Art Quilts are not considered modern, but apparently there are a select few. The fabrics were different shades of the same tiny print, which was pretty unattractive up close, but added so much texture.

The designer and maker of this quilt was a speaker at our guild last year and also worked at Sewtopia so we got to know her a little bit.  Such a vibrant and fun lady--just like her quilts. These blocks were 12", I think. I liked the wave quilting, too.

I used herDrunkard's Path templates to make my big project at Sewtopia, the Lucky word quilt.  Unfortunately she won't be working at the Boston Sewtopia event which my sister and I will be attending this year.

Are you getting bored?  I hope not, because I have more quilts to share--another post will follow, as I am running out of time this morning.


Louise said...

Bored?? No way! These quilts are AMAZING. Thank you for including the artist's descriptions of the pieces, too. So interesting to hear what they were thinking when they were creating!

loulee said...

I love to see quilt shows, so much inspiration. I too am guilty of taking loads and loads of photos, then getting home a wishing I had more.

Janet O. said...

What fun to see so many quilts that are so outside my box, but really fascinating!

Barb said...

Great photos~
I love the snake quilt - Hiss. so interesting and dynamic.