Thursday, March 8, 2018

QuiltCon 2018--Part I

I am late with my post on our QuiltCon visit two weeks ago, but have to share some favorites.  My sister Kathy and I went down Friday afternoon, traffic was pretty heavy so it took awhile, but we found the convention center in Pasadena and parked no problem.  We got our badges and checked out the MQG Charity Quilt Challenge display in the main lobby. I was particularly taken by a few of them.
The fabric colors were set by the MQG as well as the size, but from there it was each guild's decision as to design and quilting.   I really liked the quilting on this simple layout.
Lots of movement with this computerized design.

Imagination and precision were the hallmarks of many of the quilts.  Here is another favorite of mine.
The quilted ripple was so effective with the large scale stars. I loved the pieced blocks in the the stars and the background.
Our guild's quilt was not in the lobby but one of the lecture halls and I thought I took a photo of it, but apparently not at the show.  I don't see a shot of it on our website either! That will need to be remedied (we made improv log cabin blocks).  We then went into the exhibition  hall and met up with fellow guild members manning our Thomas Fire booth space, donated by QuiltCon.  Sooo many generous folks donated blocks, batting, completed quilts, thread, fabric, and money to our efforts, just amazing, and we are so grateful.  We wandered around looking at quilts, I took a turn through an aisle or two of the vendor area, and then we learned that the exhibition halls closed at 6 pm!  Yikes.  I hurried across to take pics of the Carolyn Friedlander exhibit and the rest of the quilts in the last half hour.  So disappointed I didn't get to study them all more closely.  My sister was in a class from 6-9 and I spent the time with another guild member.  Here are a few favorites: 
Cats, of course!  So bright and fun, loved the colors and prints, Warhol style.

Aura.  Gorgeous soft colors in solids.  

My favorites tended to be in the piecing and Modern Traditionalism categories, but there were other surprises.
This improv-pieced quilt is called Alabama Cityscape.  I liked the subtle bright color pops.
 Surprisingly, it was hand quilted in an imaginative way with ellipses.  Loved that.

The maker was an individual member.  If you don't have a local modern guild near you, the MQG encourages you to sign up as an individual member to get all the benefits of belonging. There were lots of modern quilts with hand quilting.  I particularly loved this one that was TIED, surprisingly.

Off center improv log cabin blocks in a cornstalk setting.  Loved it.  The ties were on both sides of the quilt, yellow in the orange sections. The quilt was big, blocks were probably 10-12". 

Great to see a Bee quilt in the mix of guild entries.   Very hard to pick a favorite but the next two I really enjoyed.

 This is Sewology, so creative and fun with all the tools of the quilters' trade.

The next quilt is faced, not bound, as were many of the quilts on display. 

 I really liked all the "negative space" quilting contrasting with the colorful spools.

 The maker constructed the "thread" jelly roll race style, per her description.  Oh, now I want to try that with the abundance of 1.5" scraps I have!

Well, this post is getting very long so I will break it up into a second part so I can share more from QuiltCon.


Janet said...

What a wonderful display of Quilty goodness...thank you for the photos and the sharing of them....I predict a ripple effect in one of your future projects 😊

Joyful Quilter said...

Lucky you! I would have loved to go to the show. I've seen so many different wonderful quilts that people have shared.

Janet O. said...

My brain doesn't work the way it would need to in order to produce these modern style quilts, but I enjoy seeing what these very creative quilters have made. Especially love the beautiful quilting!

Louise said...

I think Aura is my favorite in this post. Those colors make me swoon! :)

Barb said...

Thanks for sharing photos from Quilt Con! Some really good ones here