Sunday, April 29, 2018

Design Wall Monday-4/30

Last Design Wall of the month!  Off my design surface is the Big Bag project I showed the start of last week. It was a late hour Friday night completing the panel section I had added rows to over several evenings during the week. I used flannel leftovers instead of batting, seaming two chunks before quilting.  Flannel was recommended to reduce bulk. 

I thought I was only going to quilt with some straight lines, but then I realized there would be no way to add any additional detail once the bag was complete, so added my favorite 3-step zig zag stitch to the pieces as well.  I ran out of bobbin thread twice while making the large center panel (folded in half in this pic) and two side panels. I think it was 1:30 a.m. before I finished trimming to size and zig-zagging the raw edges.

My sister picked me up Saturday morning and we headed to Calabasas High School for the class given by fellow guild members.  We were 18 students, including the school's principal, who was able to ferry folks from the parking lot with the school's golf cart. My sister, however, pulled out her transport wheelchair she uses for her elderly charges, and we set our heavy sewing machines on the seat.  "Worked a treat" as they say.  

Our first task was to use a template provided to remove part of the panel for the handles to be inserted.  Since I wanted to add a large pocket, though not taught in the class, I set to work on that job.  
More Polka Dots from stash.  I used two different gray solids from stash for the lining of my bag.  This pic shows the quilt binding used to cover raw edges of the pocket, handle section, and bag edge all finished. I used the handle cut-out portions for more pockets on the sides.

After all that piecing, I didn't want to throw them away!  I think the zig zagged edge looks just fine.  Once all the sections were sewn together, all seams covered with quilt binding and the top edge folded down and stitched in place, 1/2" dowels were cut to size in class and inserted. 

Ta-da!  Though not intentionally done, the borders on my pieced main section lined up to a single row of polka dots, which I like. The handles stop at the edge of the main section so the bag opens to a nice 9-10" width.  We had a great group of stitchers and a lot of fun making our bags, all of which were different and wonderful. I am happy that all of my bag's fabrics came from stash and scraps, the only purchases were packaged quilt binding and the dowels.  My sister, meanwhile, being a power sewer, blazed ahead of everyone.  She finished her bag way ahead of me and started on a second, which she also finished before the class ended.  Then this morning she sent me a picture of a THIRD bag she made last night.  I expect a few  more before she's tired of it!

Next up is to make a baby quilt for a shower in a few weeks.  I'll get to do more fabric play and piecing, yay!

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Judy D in WA said...

I am now obsessed with finding this bag pattern! It turned out fabulous! I love all those polka dots!! And the added pocket.

Janet O. said...

What a great design--and bonus that you made it from stash!
The black with white polka dots forms a nice outline to the piecing, and I love the splash of purple on the sides.
Wow, your sister surely IS a power sewer. She sounds like one of those people that intimidates me when I take a class. Their machines are going so fast, I feel like I am at a race track. :)

Louise said...

What a cool bag! I really like the wooden dowel handles. Your patchwork is fun and funky, perfect for this project :)

Kate said...

A very cute and fun bag. All from scraps? Even better!