Sunday, June 3, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching--June 3

Progress has been made on a stitchery I started a month or two ago, and I have enjoyed working on it some mornings before work.  Our bedroom gets lots of morning light and the sun sure comes up early these days. 
Home Grown Gerber Daisy Love, by AdornIT
Since I last shared a photo, I've completed all the flower petals and almost all of the Mason jar glass aqua color.  The aqua and a gray for the jar lid were purchased for this stitchery, as neither color was present in my thread stash in the right shade.  See more slow stitching on Kathy's blog. There is a stray thread on the stitchery in this picture, from the other project consuming my time, a version Narragansett Blues (Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville pattern).

The plain border was added today and two of the pieced borders assembled and added.  It is now too big for my sewing room so I had to lay it out in the living room to take the photo.  The brown floor isn't the best complement for the shot :)

I am happy with the way the corners look before the border, they really are straight!  This tan print has been hoarded in my stash for a few years and, since every other piece of fabric for this quilt came from scraps and stash, I didn't feel too badly about cutting into it!

The changes Blogger has been making so far have resulted in a lot of alarm by Blogger users--we are not getting any comments emailed to us.  Similarly, it is now impossible to directly reply to a comment on a post, and if the commenter doesn't have an attached email, it's a dead end.  Blogger has eliminated Open ID and is working on changes to permission for third party apps--commenters would all be changed to "Anonymous" and we would have to change settings to allow anonymous commenters.  Many of us who use the Blogger platform restrict Anonymous commenters to keep spammers at bay.  I'm not sure if this is being done so that everyone who wants to read Blogger blogs has to get a Google account or what.  I'm going to try a suggestion another blogger used, which is to make the first comment on my own post and click the "notify me of follow up comments" to see if I get them emailed to me that way.  After nine years of blogging, I'm not sure what the future brings with this platform!


AnnieO said...

Commenting trial/Blogger changes

Karen said...

Your embroidery stitches look just perfect.

Kate said...

Your embroidery piece turned out beautifully! Narragansett Blues looks perfect. Congrats on all the progress there. Blogger has been a bit frustrating lately. Not sure how this all going to work out. Do you know if all of these changes are due to the new privacy rules in the EU? That's what I was assuming.

Barb said...

adorable mason jar embroidery!

Loris said...

Sweet embroidery design!
I'm hoping Blogger works this out soon too. It's definitely making communication difficult.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love your embroidery! And the quilt looks awesome too! I would be interested to know if making the first comment worked. Have a happy day!

Deb said...

I just love the Mason jar embroidery its just beautiful, your quilt is lovely and progressing nicely. Happy stitching

Quilter Kathy said...

Beautiful jar stitchery!
I am very frustrated with the Blogger issues... if you find another format that would be user friendly, do let us all know!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Beautiful embroidery and I love your quilt project as well :)

I am Wordpress and nothing's changed on my end...sorry that you folks are going through this

What I have found over time is that on SOME blogger sites I often have no choice but to identify myself as Deb@Frugal Little Bungalow which sends you to my Google account.

On others I am able to type in my name then ID / URL which sends you directly to

I have never seen a rhyme or reason as to how or why this is on one site versus another :)

Tanya said...

Lovely stitchery!

Blogger is making a lot of enemies!