Monday, July 2, 2018

Design Wall Monday--Another Stitchy Weekend

Design Wall Monday is here.  My favorite weekend activity was again in play, there was progress on several projects--and a little cleaning up in the sewing room. 

Rick Rack Nines received a few hours of attention.  I did chose to machine stitch down the binding after all, in the interest in finishing this UFO that has been on my list for years.  These 9 patch blocks were swapped many years ago, and I finished the quilt top in 2012, the quilting was done a year ago.  Yikes. 
For those who were in favor of the slow stitching binding method, never fear, wherever you  see a binding clip is a place I missed the edge and have to hand stitch it. Sigh. I told my husband that I'll have this finished for our bed just in time for the hottest day of the summer, as it seems to be traditional for me!  It is supposed to be 95 here on the weekend.  I mentioned before that we don't have central air conditioning, yes?  Fortunately the R2D2 room unit keeps the bedroom cool at night. 

The Tea Time Placemats got trimmed and I cut and sewed the binding, so they are up next in the binding queue.  
I'm happy with the blue dot and look forward to using these placemats after the 4th of July decor comes down. 

While looking for something else, I came across another UFO box that needed more pieces cut in order to progress.  Since the cutting table was half cleared off (cough), I prepped the fabric for setting squares and triangles for a Christmas quilt. 
Some Charm squares and stash fabrics became large 4 patches last year.  I purchased this setting fabric at Superbuzzy during the holiday season.  It is a Lori Holt fabric called Cozy Christmas.  I was so happy to find a light fabric with all the colors to match my 4 patches.  The yardage was a bit narrow, so I just squeaked by in cutting the needed pieces for my layout of Barefoot In The Park.
I sure miss the Loft Creations blog and my friend Stephanie who authored it.  Her design is double sided, my plan is to make just the front but I want it a bit larger so added another row of the 4 patches.  Leftover charm squares will have circles cut and then applied to the setting squares as on the pattern picture. 

Bright, scrappy, and cheerful.  I selected an aqua background Christmas print for the border.  I'll look forward to finishing this one.  

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Karen said...

I like the orangey cheddar border fabric.

AnnieO said...

Thanks, Karen! That was a good find at Joann’s a some years back. Cheddar can be hard to find :)

Louise said...

Referring to your a/c as R2D2 made me smile! We call ours "Mr. Roboto." Do you remember the song from the '80s that included the line "Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto"? I sing it all the time when he keeps me cool enough to sleep :)

I think your Rick Rack Nines looks really great and it's so close to being finished, just a few more hand stitches, hooray!

Janet O. said...

Rick Rack nines is a nice finish. A little hand stitching and it will be ready to be thrown off your bed on hot nights. :)
What a perfect find for the setting squares on your Christmas quilt. Looking at the photo, I thought it was part of a line of fabrics that matched your blocks. Perfect!

Kate said...

Congrats on finishing off Rick Rack Nines. It's always fun to get one of the older UFOs off the list. Your Christmas quilt is going to be very fun. Hope you were able to make some more progress on that one this week.

AnnieO said...

Thanks, Louise! I do remember that song :). It’s now predicted to be 101 Friday. Gah.
The hand stitching on Rick Rack Nines will be nice to finish it off.

AnnieO said...

Thanks, Janet! Haha, yes there is often a flurry of blankets off at night!
I was chuffed to find that Christmas print as I wanted to keep it more modern looking.

AnnieO said...

Thanks, Kate! Progress of any kind is very satisfying sometimes! It seems finishes are elusive much of the time around here, but I move along what I can!