Friday, July 6, 2018

Binding and Piecing

It is bloody HOT here in SoCal, meaning not much is happening in the sewing room. Those with air-conditioning may be getting something done today but not me! Earlier this week I continued the binding blitz with one of the Tea Time Placemats (Pineapple Fabrics Alice pattern).

 Well the pictures flipped, this is the back...
...and this is the front--but they are reversible after all.  I was happy with the navy dot but then got bored with binding and decided to let another project in.  Squirrel!

Years ago I won a mini charm pack or two from Kate Spain, one or her fabric line became a pillow a couple of years ago.  The other was a Fig Tree line called Buttercup, and a couple of weeks ago I pulled an Anka's Treasure pattern and the charms I wanted to use.  Making mini table toppers is a fun escape from the big projects!
 I laid out all my mini charms first before assembling into groupings per the pattern. 

This pattern is called Yarn Over, from the Mini Charmers I booklet.  Aren't these fabrics yummy?
Clever construction with good pressing directions, which I always appreciate. 

There are two rows of sashing to add.  I had this piece of Fig and Plum set aside with the mini charm pack, but looking at this photo, am wondering how the purple in the print is going to look  with the Buttercup fabrics.  It is a pretty narrow sashing at 2" finished.  I may end up using it on the back.  Anyway, it was fun to play with small pieces and finish the center in a few short sewing sessions.  

We're off to babysit the grandsons tonight--our daughter and son in law don't have air-conditioning, but they do have a pool!


Janet O. said...

The dot binding looks nice on the placemats.
That is a pretty little project--very soft and sweet looking.
We installed AC about 10 years ago, and I am SO glad!
My parents home never had AC, but last year Mom was wilting in the heat. We had an AC tech come and he said it is tricky to install in old homes like hers (the house is nearly 100 years old), and that he would recommend a window unit in the living room. With the ceiling fans she already has in the living room and kitchen, the cool air gets circulated pretty well through her main living space and it has made a world of difference for her.

AnnieO said...

Thanks, Janet! I love a small project now and then. I really need to get busy pinning some big quilts! We will likely never install AC, but it sure is nice to have our room unit when needed. It makes sleeping much more comfortable. Today our high is about 90 and the humidity is low, with a nice breeze, so we’re able to leave windows open and the front door.

Judy D in WA said...

Love the placemats! I've been trying really hard to stay focused and not start new but those dang squirrels are everywhere! LOL
Love good instructions. Especially when you want something quick and easy. This is going to turn out wonderful!

Kate said...

The placemats turned out nicely. Your new table runner looks fun and quick. Hope you were able to get in some good stitching time this weekend on both/either project.

Janet said...

So hot here this week as well ( apparently we broke records for Ontario Canada.The weather people say with the humidex were 49 degrees Celsius.....and that's HOT) ....I am very thankful for our A/C ......stay cool 😊

AnnieO said...

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AnnieO said...

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