Sunday, July 29, 2018


This past week there was not a lot new happening in the sewing room, but I did join a local craft night at Superbuzzy Quilt shop after work one night, and put a few embroidery stitches in while chatting with some new acquaintances.  One of the other gals was a town native like me so we had a fun conversation; I also learned the shop owner lived in my childhood neighborhood.  Small world, in a town of 100,000!  

I spent so much time chatting I didn't realize until later that I used the wrong color for the butterfly, and those stitches had to be pulled out.  Oh well.

I had Friday off work so I got the last Thomas Fire quilt bound and ready for our Guild's last official giveaway event Saturday.  It was another big quilt that fortunately I found an appropriate binding fabric for in the stash.  We had a good turn out of volunteers, making quick work of setting up tables and arranging about 300 quilts to give out.  We had some early lookers, but held off giving away any quilts until the appointed hour.  Lots of folks who lost homes had registered for quilts, and the huge number of quilt choices was overwhelming to them.  We held up quilts and chatted about the Perkiomen Valley blocks we got from 49 states and a number of countries that turned into the tops and quilts.  We still had a lot of quilts left at the end of the event, but gave away over 100.  Our practically free office space that has been Thomas Fire  Quilt Central will expire at the end of August, and we hope all who are still in need of a quilt will collect one there.  We have been watching news of the other huge fires burning in California, particularly the Carr Fire near Redding in Northern California, where so many homes have been lost, and horribly two firefighters killed, and several residents.  Our thoughts are with them.  

The sewing room is emptier now, without the Thomas Fire quilts and Fair projects filling it up.  Today after some patio time with embroidery, I virtuously mended some sweaters that have been waiting months for a five minute repair job.  Mini caught some rays while supervising. 
Not sure why she thought my flip flops were the best place to rest.

Christmas in July is nearly over, but I'm thinking my next stitchery project will be one of these.  I scored these patterns for 95 cents at the thrift shop a few months ago, along with some others.

Quilt projects in play include the Jewel Box blocks that are ready to assemble into a top, however when stacking up the row I noted that some of the blocks are spinning the wrong way, which means they won't nest properly.  I'll have to take them apart and resew, which I am not looking forward to.  Sigh.  Perhaps I'll skip over to the Christmas quilt I showed last time.  It is ready to lay out and assemble!
I'll leave you with this photo of  Summer Teeth Corn--some 'er there and some 'er not (insert groan here). 


AnnieO said...

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Loris said...

It is sweet to hear that the quilts made their way to the recipients. I have been thinking about all those effected wondering how it all went as they tried to put their lives back together. And now more effected by the fire up north and in other states. We have to keep looking for ways to help each other out. Thank you so much for your part in getting these quilts completed and given to them.

Janet O. said...

I am pleased to hear you had such an abundance of quilts for Thomasville fire victims.
That stitched piece is so sweet. Did it matter terribly what color you made the butterfly? I would have been tempted to leave it be. :)
Isn't it the truth about mending? I've had a top that needs the hem fixed and it has been draped over a chair for a couple of years now!! Ridiculous!
Oh, we've grown corn like that many times.

Louise said...

Sweet picture of your little kitty! Ours loves shoes and will often roll around on top of them. Weird. Your stitchery looks great, pink butterfly and all :)

Kate said...

Sounds like you've been motoring along on several projects. The little mason jar stitchery is looking good. Happy stitching this week.