Saturday, August 4, 2018

How Did I Do at the Fair?

My sister and I met yesterday and rode the free bus shuttle to the Fair; unfortunately, Kathy received some bad advice about free parking and had to pay $10 to get into the State Beach Park.  The fact that the bad advice came from me was a blow.  I was so annoyed that the info on the Fair website didn't mention the State Beach fee that I parked on the street and walked in to avoid paying. I then recalled that we used to do that when the kids were little, too! The shuttle ride was short.  I bought Kathy's admission ticket in and we headed straight to the Home Arts building.  Kathy had wanted to enter some jam, but had her dates mixed up and was too late to enter.  She didn't enter any quilts this year.  We wandered around looking at everything and spotting fellow guild members' work.  Before we located any of my entries, we saw the Thomas Fire Quilt display up on the wall. 

These are a few of the ways the Perkiomen Valley Blocks can be set (the middle bottom row's bright zig zag quilt is not a Perki).  I love the two lower right quilts that used the exact same fabrics in the Perkiomen blocks but set differently.  I'm pretty sure these came as finished tops, maybe even finished quilts.  

The first of my entries spotted was the Lizzie Kate May Stamp cross-stitch with an Honorable Mention ribbon.  Yay!  Boo for weird lighting through the display case.

My Michael Miller Fabric Challenge runner for Sewtopia was just a few feet away.  I was happy to see 2nd place. 

Next we found the Metro Twist Modern Baby Quilt, with a lovely 2nd place.  A fellow guild member we bumped into turned over the tag to read the judge's comments, which noted that the quilting in the negative space was a little sparse.  Huh??? I thought it was pretty obviously done that way, since I more closely quilted outside the pieced part.  Oh well, hopefully the more modern quilts that are entered, the more the negative space concept will be apparent!  I did get a nice comment on my binding :)

The remainder of my entries were in a display case.  Seems they preferred the back of the placemats, but awarded me a lovely 1st ribbon. 

Sorry about the lighting, couldn't avoid it.  2nd place for the Yarnover tablerunner!

My Dotted Big Bag got a lovely 1st place ribbon.  I was surprised that it was the only big bag entered, as many other guild members have made these in guild classes and on their own (Kathy made at least three herself!).  You can spot my Broken Dishes Pillow in the upper right of the photo. 

Another 1st place award!  How fun is that--a ribbon on each of my entries.  There were lots of other great arts, crafts, and quilts in the Home Arts building, and I'll share more in a separate post.  Kathy and I looked at a lot of animals, ate in the freezing cold wind coming off the ocean mere feet away, toured the midway and watched the teenagers and kids, and finished up with a favorite Fair Food dessert before catching the shuttle bus back to the State Beach.  I will probably go back another time in the next week to see the Photography and Horticulture exhibits and enjoy more Fair Food and music.


AnnieO said...

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

CONGRATULATIONS on all of your Fair ribbons!! - ;))

Louise said...

Wow! So many ribbons! Congrats on doing so well at the fair :)

Janet O. said...

That must feel good to be so well rewarded for your efforts.
You are so good to diligently complete projects and get them entered.
As to the comment on your "negative space", I don't know about the quilt judges at your fair, but ours are now usually just someone that the head of home arts happens to know to be a quilter, and she may bring along a friend from her guild. When I helped record judge's decisions on the quilt entries one year it was hard for me to keep quiet. I was better off in another department where I didn't know more than the judges. :)

Joyful Quilter said...

Congratulations!! Too funny about the placemats.

Mary said...

Congratulations on all the ribbons!

Janet said...

Well done. Fairs a THE mist most fun aren't they 👍👍😊