Monday, February 25, 2019

Design Wall Monday--2/25/19

Design Wall Monday is here.  See more Design Walls on Judy's Small Quilts and Doll Quilts. 

The rest of February will fly by this week, but I have been stitching and my Design Floor has seen a number of projects in progress.

I managed to get the label done for the just-turned-1-year old of a family friend--the pieced backing was all from stash.  The plaid has the same green as the Kona Tarragon solid on the front and binding.  I delivered the quilt to DD Erica on Friday and she'll take it to her friend. Can't wait to see little Sid on the quilt. 

Another backing was cobbled from leftover flannels for the baby quilt version of Falling Charms. It's folded in this pic but really is big enough.

Here's a pic of the finished top.  This is to be packaged up with batting for my sister to quilt, then I'll bind it before handing in to Guild for donation.  I kitted up a couple more charm square groupings to sew in the near future.

More Log Cabin Loonie blocks have been forming, my version of Julie's block are 7.5" unfinished.  Lots of 1.5" strips are getting cut from the scrap bins.
There are now 41 finished blocks and another dozen in progress--80 are required for my setting plan.
I spent some time organizing and culling the scrapbooking drawers I use for precut strips from scraps, separating solids by neutrals and colors to their own drawers.  I really must keep up on the scrap management--my cutting table regularly gets out of control!    

We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary Sunday--well, we were going to have dinner out but then my husband called with a dead car battery, from the mall where he had been on an errand. The jump from my car didn't work so we had to call my mechanic brother for help, then went to his shop and he put in a new battery.  By that time it was  nearly 7:30 pm, our reservation had been canceled, and I voted for staying home for leftover homemade soup and cookies.  We'll reschedule the nice dinner out :)  Our grandsons have their shared birthday this week and then our youngest daughter has her birthday the following week.  It's a busy time of the year for celebrating--five weeks in a row for our family. 

Next up, I will revisit my Three For September challenge beginning March 1.  I've made my list of quilts and will work on one project every three days for the month of March.  The self-challenge I did in September was very energizing and I'm looking forward to more progress on WIPS, perhaps even a couple of finishes.


Janet O. said...

I admire that you piece your backs. I do if working with just a few large pieces, but recently I was trying to make a back from a whole bunch of smaller cuts. I finally tossed it all in a box and went to the store and bought yardage. LOL I am such a wimp!
Your log cabin blocks look great--and you are over halfway there!!

Louise said...

Very smart to precut your log cabin pieces like that! Then they are ready to go to just stitch up a block or two when the mood strikes. Happy anniversary :)

Kate said...

You've been really busy. Lots of progress on all your projects Sorry about the canceled anniversary dinner, but congrats on 34 years.