Sunday, June 9, 2019

Busy Times, Lucky Times

Plenty of activity going on outside of the sewing room--I've only managed to sew four blocks this week--as a test for the newlywed's quilt.  Our older daughter and family are mid-move, their new home is not quite ready with the renovations they are doing (kitchen tile just went down yesterday!), and they have to be out of their current house by tomorrow. Luckily her mother-in-law and her husband have plenty of room for them to stay until it is ready.  We've been helping with childcare and had a grand time with the boys yesterday at our house for a few hours.  They are in constant motion at 3 and 5, and of course are  always in need of snacks. All of us have fingers-crossed for no hiccups in the completion of renovations.

In other news, I was the very lucky winner of JanetO's blogversary giveway--she had to draw three times for an eligible entry.  The package arrived with interesting lumps and bumps.  Mini was present for the grand unveiling.

Mini immediately laid claim to the mini quilt...

 ...all innocent in her actions.  Look at the impossibly tiny binding! See the 6" ruler there to the right of the quilt.

Janet included some very lovely handmade soaps, package of pins, thread and notebook with her lovely card.  I'm very thankful to be the new owner of this eensy charm quilt and will treasure it. 

I unpacked all the fabric treasure from the Quilt Run and feasted my eyes on all the loot on the cutting table.  
Most of these pieces had to be put in a box as I cannot stuff any more fat quarters in my drawers!

Some of the packaged badges the quilt shops gave out, so fun.  For completing the Quilt Run we were entered in a Grand Prize drawing but neither of us won. We did get a lovely pair of small scissors at the final shop.  

Off to sew now, I have a block to sew for our pizza box block swap due tomorrow, and two baby quilts to finish and turn in.  Nothing like the last minute....


Janet O. said...

Boy, I really got behind on blog reading. Just looked back on the last couple of posts I missed. Looks like the reception for your son and daughter-in-law was a warm and lovely gathering. I love low-key. :)
I'm glad to see Mini took so well to your new mini. :) Couldn't resist that one.
Looks like you had a great time on your Quilt Run. I love the badges--reminds me of my Girl Scout days. I could use some good quilty retail therapy about now.

Barb said...

What awesome eye candy, and lucky you on your win, no wonder Mini claimed the little quilt, it is lovely

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lucky you! That eensy-weensy charm quilt is wonderful, Janet is the master of tiny (and her soaps are simply wonderful!!)! Mini looks right at home on a mini-quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Can't blame Mini for laying claim, it's a cute little quilt. You did well on your shop hop. Looking forward to seeing these pieces show up in a few new projects. Hope the kids were able to get into their new house without too much delay.