Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tuesday's Orts--9/17/19

Tuesdays Orts--bits and pieces of thoughts, happenings, and weirdness that land here occasionally.

--X marked the spot on my return to work after lunch one day.
--My doctor boss has been through quite a number of sets of Invisalign trays on his way to straight teeth.  He calls it his "Invisigrill".
--I was scribing a visit with an older female patient with some arthritis in her knees, who said she felt better when she slept with a pillow between her legs....but when I misspelled pillow with one "L" my computer autocorrected this to "Pilot".  My daughters were disappointed I didn't leave that in the record!
--Grandson Hunter tried on my hat at his brother's soccer game and posed when I pulled out my phone. 
Aren't his sun freckles cute?  Then he asked for my phone to take a picture of Mimi. 

...but kept clicking so this was the last Mimi portrait:

--Traffic Rant: Aggressive drivers who zoom up to your rear bumper when there is an open lane to move to. There seem to be so many of these bozos--of every age!
--I'm a big fan of leftovers so try to be cagey at restaurants.  Some salads are huge portions for not much more than the price of an appetizer.  I got two meals out of a salad with crab whereas the three crab cakes appetizer wouldn't stretch far.

--This art installation occurred when I poured clear soap into opaque soap, so weird!


Sherrill said...

Great all-around post!! I think pilot should've been left as well. HAHA My soap just layers out, doesn't make the pretty waves (or whatever you call that design).

Loris said...

Fun post...and cutie for a grandson :-)

Shasta Matova said...

We live near the airport and the planes make interesting designs in our sky too. Your grandson is so cute with the sun freckles!

Janet said...

Fun post 👍

Tanya said...

Hunter is so cute and you are beautiful!

I have heard of those invisalign things... It seems like a good way to go and maybe less uncomfortable than braces.

Auto-correct can be scary!!!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I agree - fun post!! I had a friend who worked for "Public Works" - and part of her job was making sure that the word "Public" always had the "L" - LOL - ;))

Kate said...

Very fun orts this week. Love your catch of the pilot versus pillow. It's amazing how one little tweak can change the meaning of a sentence. Hunter's gotten so big, wasn't he just a little baby yesterday? He is a cutie.