Lows and Highs

I didn't sew a stitch most of the week--Monday came with awful news that our Uncle Fred had been taken to the hospital after a stroke. He was found in bed in his senior apartment by the housekeeper; somehow it took many hours before he was transported to the hospital, not sure why. He could not swallow or speak, was breathing on his own but not able to move. After a few days in the ICU and  brain imaging studies indicating a severe, deep frontal stroke, the impossible happened: Uncle Fred began to improve. 


This pic is from September 2018 when my sister and I surprised Fred at his senior living place to give him the Naragansett Blues (Browns) quilt I made him. 

Uncle Fred has still got a nasogastric feeding tube, but is able to move his arms and can say some words in response to questions. He has been moved out of the ICU and we hope rehab will be started soon.  Our brother Kevin has taken charge of his cat, a stray Uncle Fred found near his senior apartment and took home even though he was not supposed to have a pet. "Cat" was removed per the facility request.  She/he looks a lot like my Mini. We hope that Fred will someday be able to return to Independent Living but he has a long way to go.  I'll be visiting him in the hospital in a couple of days.  I hope to see him give me a Thumbs Up, as he did to our brother Kevin when he asked him to "fight hard to get better".  Dear Fred!


Sherrill said…
Oh gosh! How terrible for him (& you guys) but good to hear he's doing a little better and hopefully he continues to! Good he's got family who cares about him and is helping with his little cat, too.
Janet O. said…
Don't know how I missed this post. How devastating! I hope he is able to work and recover what has been lost. Sounds like you and your siblings provide a great support system. Does he have other family around? And is that his artwork on the wall behind you with the blue ribbon?
Chantal said…
Sorry to hear about your uncle. Sending prayers, Annie for him and his family to stay strong. ;^)
Tanya said…
Hope your uncle recovers completely. So nice of your family to take in his car!

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