Design Wall Monday--Piecing and Playing with Grandsons

It's Design Wall Monday.  See more design walls on Judy's Small Quilts and Doll Quilts blog. 

I'm happily back to piecing work again.  Our guild is making charity quilts and I got delivered a kit and instructions last month of some precut fabric and the pattern.  Although not my favorite method, the "8 at a time" half-square triangles are very popular for precuts.  

Lots and lots of marking and sewing 10 inch squares.  I chose to cut on the diagonal drawn lines with scissors, right at the sewing desk, then used ruler and cutter for the final vertical and horizontal cuts. Then there was a lot of trimming, A LOT.

I may invest in one of the small round trimmers as this Olfa mat is getting pretty worn out--I've had it for many years.  I did get the HSTs alllll done so I can start sewing them together.  The pattern is very simple to assemble.

We did have some grandson time over the weekend too.  Our older grandsons' shared birthday party was Friday night (they were born on the same day two years apart). They are 7 and 5, unbelievably!

I took a lot of videos as these two barely stopped moving enough to focus!  Hunter is a bit blurry here too :)  Cove is reading better and better; Elaine is very patient with helping him sound out the words. 

On Saturday we happily accepted an invite from our son and daughter-in-law for a harbor cruise and more time with our newest grandson, Dane, 6 months.  He was very fussy at the birthday party and really wanted only Mama.  Cutting teeth is hard!

DIL Ashley's parents' cruiser boat is a lot of fun to tour around in.  We stepped off to walk at the harbor and pick up some food.  I saw a fellow guild member there too, small world!

Mama and baby posed as scuba divers for fun.  

Co-captains for life :)  Dane was pretty happy to be in a smaller crowd--as he was born during the pandemic, he hasn't been around tons of people very much!

Papa and Dane playing with toys on the boat.
I got some great grins back at the house, from daddy's lap.  He did let me tote him around and loved some clacking noises I made for him.  It was wonderful to have a long visit.


Janet O. said…
That isn't my favorite method for making the HSTs, either--but you are right about it working for precuts.
You have had some delightful grandchild time. How wonderful! I especially love that last photo of Dane's bright and happy (and drooly--we are cutting teeth, after all) face! :)
Loris said…
Such sweet photos of time with your family! At last! Hope there are many days for you to enjoy in the near future. Praying also for your uncle...from your last post. Hope you are still seeing improvement.
The charity quilt looks like fun. I'm curious what you mentioned...what is the small round trimmer?
Tanya said…
I see pictures of my 2 month old grandchild so Dane at 6 months looks so big to me! On a private boat sounds like a good way to stay away from people!

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