Mystery Quiltalong and Uncle Progress

The next block for last year's Mystery Quiltalong from Laundry Basket Quilts had a lot of pieces and I wanted to bring in some more black.  I decided to go a little less scrappy for this set of four blocks for Block 6. 

I had quite a time with the smaller HSTs.  I wanted to use Bonnie Hunter's Essential Triangle tool and kept cutting strips that were the wrong size for the HST I needed.  The cutting board was quite a disaster while I pulled different fat quarters and strips for the scrappy look I love. At least there were only four blocks in this step!

The block is placed correctly in the corner and continues the red chain.  There will be more black and green added so it won't stand out so much later.  Block 7 is a square in square block; I need to make eight of them and that will complete half of the 100 blocks in the quilt.

While sewing up the Block 6 batch, a lot of leader-enders got sewn up into 16 patches.

I ran out of Easy Breezy block pieces (Bonnie Hunter's current leader ender) so grabbed another container of 2" precut squares I set aside while cutting down scraps. Some were already sewn into four patches so I grouped four of them. There are a few alternate block settings I'm considering when I get a bunch made: either scrappy hourglass blocks, scrappy pinwheels, or X blocks like Arkansas Crossroads.  I like traditional quilts as much as modern ones!  Speaking of modern, I signed up for a Mini Mod Block swap with guild and need to get 30 2" blocks made and mailed this weekend. Some I will paper piece, a mind bending exercise for me!  I'll need plenty of caffeine and chocolate for that :)

Update on our Uncle Fred, who had a stroke last month: He was moved to a rehab facility today.  He is still unable to swallow but now has a gastric feeding tube rather than nasogastric.  He can move some of his right side but cannot turn himself over or sit himself up.  He can say a few words. We don't know yet what permanent state he may be left with; only time will tell.


Kathy S. said…
Love the latest block for the mystery. Can't wait to see the reveal. Keep going. I didn't join that QA, but will enjoy yours for sure.
Loris said…
My heart breaks for all your uncle is having to go through. I'm praying for great care for him there that will help keep him comfortable and supported in his therapy. Praying the therapy helps him build strength and abilities. Also praying the restrictions are improved that he can have visitors to cheer him and remind him how much he is loved. That will help you all!
Your QAL is looking beautiful. I had some of the fun bird fabric too.
Janet O. said…
Good looking QAL blocks. I like your color palette.
Random scrappy squares are always a good leader/ender choice.
Oh, I hope your uncle can regain some mobility and function!!
Tanya said…
I hope your uncle will continue to improve and that you can find some way to let him know that you are all thinking of him. It must be so lonely and frightening when things suddenly change and with Covid, everyone must keep extra careful and distant...

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