Thursday, March 11, 2021

Thursday's Orts

Happy Thursday! Occasionally I post Tuesday's Orts--bits and thoughts of life--so don't be confused that it is still that early in the week :)

  • My husband had an MRI with contrast this week and had to clean out his insides beforehand.  Why he chose Windex blue jello was beyond me!  He pronounced it delicious.  His daughters were grossed out. He did explain that he thought red and orange should be avoided in case it looked like blood...which could be true if it were an internal exam, though I held my tongue!

  •  In the "never fail" section of my fingernail life, I looked down to find THIS, a few days after my manicure. I could not find the missing piece, have no idea how I did it.  Then I knocked a section off the index finger too, a couple days later.  My ever-kind manicurist friend Stacey told me, "It just means I get to see you sooner!"


  • I'm not sure the name Malarkey is a great name choice for a service company, but I was enchanted by some of the shingle sample color names, like Moire Black and Silver Birch.  We chose the front sample, Natural Wood, to replace our 30+ year old roof, but because of all the wind damage from the storms, plus recent rain, we will not get on the roofers' schedule until mid to late April. 


  •  I guess this will be my Traffic Rant:  After the Sunday drive to deliver my swap blocks, I pulled into a shopping center parking lot, thinking about doing some shopping, but there were just too many people around.  This lady, who appeared to be in her pajamas and a vest, was making food on her bumper (ew) for two cute little girls who were running around.  As if that wasn't bad enough, she handed a roll of toilet paper to one of the girls, who ran off to the landscaped median with it.  Gross.
  • Here's some quilty content to wipe that mental picture away...I sewed all those HSTs into pairs (after sliver trimming a laassst batch) and am ready to layout and sew.  As you can see, I made some full arrows.  I'll sprinkle them around the quilt.  In reading the directions, I noticed an error in the layout photo, which showed 13 rows instead of 12.  Not a big deal, but I am glad I read it over before panicking that I was shorted!  I am calling this pattern Rise Up, as that was the name we used when making the same pattern for quilts for victims of the Borderline Bar massacre. 


Sherrill said...

Hmm, jello doesn't appeal to me at all regardless of the color! Yuck! I had fake nails years ago but I decided I didn't want to deal with it every 3 wks. so let them grow out. My nails were HORRIBLE for a long time after and only get pedis now. What made a section fall off like that? That 3rd category was totally gross! LOL and love the HST quilt but will have to look up the Borderline Bar massacre as I have no clue.

Janet O. said...

LOL--that Jello made me think of my mother, who always said food should never be blue. She wouldn't even eat the blue raspberry popsicles, and they were my absolute favorite!
I've never had fake nails--when I looked at that photo at first I just thought you had forgotten to finish painting the nail. :)
Malarkey is a crazy name for a company that wants your business.
Okay, TMI in the "traffic rant". Ha Ha
Sliver trimming is right up there with my "least favorite things", but I do it because it makes such a difference. That is going to be a great quilt!

Tanya said...

Blue jello.... Yes, blue food isn't very appealing is it?

Kate said...

Blue is a bit off putting, hopefully it tasted reasonably good. Love your Rise Up blocks. That's a lot of HSTs!