Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Doll Quilt Swap and Stitching

Lots of corny Star Wars jokes for May the Fourth!  I couldn't come up with one cornier...BUT I do remember, as a high school teenager, the original movie playing at our local theater for about three months straight, and lines of folks stretching around the building, waiting to get in!  Yes, I'm that old. The rest of this post has absolutely nothing to do with space battles...

Quilty mail arrived from Texas, from my Humble Quilts' Doll Quilt Swap partner, and it was with happy anticipation that I opened the package. Many Thanks to Liz Bushong for this charming and scrappy beauty!

I just loved all the fabrics and prints Liz used in this doll quilt. 

Mini liked the first border fabric a lot.  or maybe she was just eyeing the 1/2" center squares.

Liz generously sent this beautiful tea towel and charm with her cards.  Many thanks, indeed!  Every year I have participated in this swap has brought a wonderful mini to treasure.  If I ever get organized enough, I'll hang them all together in my sewing room.

I've spent a bit more time with my latest cross-stitch, Blackbird Designs' Loose Feathers. Not too much unstitching needed, but it does take concentration to count threads on the linen. 

This fanciful tree has several more branches to add, but I'll work on the leaves for this portion first.  I'm enjoying it very much. It is a welcome distraction from having to return to in-office work!  Luckily my commute is not far and I can come home for lunch and get a few stitches in.  Looking forward to playing with all the other pretty threads.  :)


Janet O. said...

First of all, I have to say that I was finishing my sophomore year in college when Star Wars came out--yes, I'm THAT old!! LOL It was still playing when I started my junior year.
That is a really sweet quilt you received from Liz. The photo of Mini inspecting, or admiring it is a hoot.
Your cross-stitch is coming along. I like the look on linen, but never mastered working over two threads. Tempts me to pull out one of the two sampler patterns I saved from decades ago when I gave away my boxes of cross-stitch magazines and patterns, but I have already buried myself in quilty goals this year.

loulee said...

I watched Star Wars at primary school!! LOL
Your gifts are very pretty, lucky you.
And your stitching is looking good. I was not yet brave enough to try linen.