Sunday, June 13, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching--mid June

 Joining in with some Slow Sunday Stitching on Kathy's Quilts blog.  

I remain entranced with the Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers project, Garden of Life.  I stitched a bit during the week but generally the weekend is when I can enjoy it more. 

Newest stitches are in the arcing stem and flowers at the top of the frame.  I've had to turn both the frame and the stitching chart upside down in order to reach the area.  Since it not a face or other recognizable form, it hasn't seemed weird :)   There is not much green in our garden just now, with our severe drought, but I do have a bloom indoors.

This Mother's Day orchid seems to like this spot in the entryway just fine. I love the intense purple of the flower. I like the name Cerise for this shade. 

Purple isn't a color I decorate with much, though it is in my top 5 colors to wear.  This purple bordered mini quilt I made from leftovers of another quilt some years ago.  It is attached to the hanger with  vintage clothespins of my mother-in-law's.  

Very simple quilting and bound with leftover binding pieces--on mini quilts there is slow stitching of the binding :)

I haven't sewn a thing all week, but did go to two local quilt shops.  Older daughter Elaine gave me a gift certificate to Superbuzzy and I picked out the green gingham, purple dot yardage and the Folded Corner Clipper tool last weekend.  Tools are so expensive! I plan to make napkins with the gingham; the purple was "Just Because".  The other neutrals and pink print yardage came from the sale shelves at The Fabric Shoppe this weekend.  I ran into several guild members there coincidentally.  The purple fat quarter jumped up onto the counter, and I could not resist the piece of cross stitch fabric for 10 cents! 

Our state will be opening up in two days--looking forward to seeing more faces, though since I work in a medical office, will probably still be wearing a mask when with patients.  I'll still wear one when shopping or near other folks I don't know.  The virus has not gone away, there are mutations, and the vaccine is not 100% coverage, so that extra layer of protection can help.  


Kim said...

Your cerise orchid is so pretty. Orchids are such happy plants and I love that they flower for months. The little purple mini quilt is lovely. Such a fabulous way you have thought of to display it; so pretty. I love it when fabrics jump up onto the counter insisting to be taken home. The purple fat quarter is a great pattern. Enjoy stitching your Garden of Life pretty. It is coming along beautifully.

Miaismine said...

You must indeed have a green thumb to keep your lovely orchid alive! Your mini quilt is so pretty and how sweet that it's clipped with your mother-in-law's clothespins!

Quilter Kathy said...

Your orchid is just gorgeous! I have an orchid that hasn't bloomed in a year, but it is growing 2 babies, so I'm excited about that!
I love that mini quilt, especially the loopy quilting! I might have to copy you!

Janet O. said...

You have made great progress on your cross-stitch!
That is a gorgeous orchid.
What a sweet little mini quilt. A fun use of leftovers.
You made a nice haul at the quilt shops. I did a little shop hopping today with my retreat buddy. It was a treat to get out!

sandi s said...

Your cross stitch is looking wonderful! I’m a huge fan of Blackbird Designs both in cross stitch and quilting. I’m no good with orchids. I have killed any I have tried. Yours is beautiful! Hugs,

Tanya said...

Yes, tools can get to be very expensive but if you choose well think how many times they will get used in the future (as opposed to just one pattern maybe...) Still, I have tools that I still haven't figured out how to use!