Design Wall Monday--Windham Challenge

Design Wall Monday--I am working on the Windham Challenge for Sewtopia.  See more Design Walls on Judy's Small Quilts and Doll Quilts blog

I got started on sewing up all the pieces cut so far for the tessellating cats, pattern in the Copycat Quilts book, by Dawn Navarro. 

The cat's heads and backs first were assembled. There are some pretty small pieces in this section. 

An oops in the assembly of the legs portion.  Fortunately not difficult to unstitch and redo two seams.

That's better!  I'll finish up the red cat's leg section and give all a good press before adding to the cat figures.  Next step is to embroider the cat's faces.  

Two fat quarters have not yet been cut into.  There are borders, backing, and binding, and two stuffed balls yet to construct.  I believe I will have enough fabric, even if I end up piecing the pillow back from chunks. 

Another Easy Breezy block from leader-enders.  I'm still shy of the number of blocks for my quilt plan, though I am using a different setting of far fewer blocks than Bonnie Hunter designed for her large quilt.

Six years ago...

We learned another grandchild was on the way, but didn't yet know Cove was getting a brother!  


Janet O. said…
I love the tessellating cats. That is such a fun pattern, but I can see how easy it could be to get parts turned around.
Judy Hansen said…
Hi Annie,
Such a cute cat quilt, and as you showed us, asy to get mixed up on the parts. But you caght it right away, so it’s all good. Thanks for joining the Design Wall Mondays quilty party. Hugs, Judy
Kate said…
Very fun (and complicated) kitty block! So Cole is almost 8? That doesn't seem possible!
Tanya said…
Tessellating cats (tessellating ANYTHING) can be a challenge to get all the pieces going the right way. The embroidery part will be great fun!

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