Friday, July 1, 2022

Brown Finish and Colorful Start

I finished off the binding of the 50 Shades of Brown quilt, stitching on the patio on a beautiful day. Lovely breeze, umbrella for shade, and a cool drink. Quiltalong in 2020 by Lori of Humble Quilts Blog.

The binding took hardly any time at all.  

This pic shows the quilting texture a bit more.  Simple stitch in the ditch.  I posted these pics on Lori's Humble Quilts Facebook page and the quilt garnered a lot of attention and kind words.  I may enter this one in the upcoming Fair.

Another little quilt bossed its way to life almost immediately. I was looking through my patterns binder and came across the Mini Charmers 2 booklet, from Anka's Treasures, designer Heather Mulder Peterson.  The quilts are based on 2.5" charm squares.  Having a full drawer of scrap 2.5"squares, I eagerly dove in. 

Such a fun detour. 

The Folded Corner Clipper tool came in very handy.  I like to trim off the excess from the corner before stitching the seam, so I don't have to mark it. 

The rows came together quickly and I then got all the rest of the white background cut.

All straight stitch sewing and really only a couple of seams to match--a pleasure!

All done except deciding if I want to add the applique leaves to the flowers.  Lots of different colorways could be made of this pattern.  Love it. 


Chantal said...

Love your darling little basket. So cute. Yes, those flowers do need leaves, IMHO. enjoy! ;^)

Robin said...

The basket is absolutely delightful. I have a mini charm pack that I can't seem to find a use for. I won't make a basket out of it because it is seagulls and whales but seeing what you made opens up all kinds of possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

Janet O. said...

The little doll quilt exudes vintage charm, right down to the scrappy binding.
That basket finish is SO cute, Annie! A refreshing little summer beauty!

Tanya said...

What an absolutely lovely flower basket block! Just wonderful!

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